Aural Me

i’ve known him for years on the internet. he and i would email each other here and there and yet we never really connected. either it was bad timing or real life had gotten in the way. with gaps in our interactions it never really affected the secret lust we had for each other.

i was nearing the first week of a two-week absence from the boyfriend and I was masturbating just about every day. my mind was crawling with need and it just so happens that my old friend Ian decided to email me. it was a perfect storm, he offered to call me and my nerves really did not have time to react.

in bed, i laid naked with a towel tucked beneath me. the room was dark and the phone started to ring.

i whispered, “hello”.

his voice was lust and my eyes closed as my cunt throbbed. we have talked so much since then that I cannot remember the details of his pleasantries but i was already soaking the towel and being so very turned on by his voice.

the wonderful thing about Ian and i is he knows me and has read my blog for years. he knows what i want to hear and he very much knows what i like. his words had me entranced and my breath quickened as he spoke so fluidly to me. he could hear the quiver of my voice and he knew when i was going to come, “come for me Grace, come for me.” my cunt would flood and i hadn’t even touched myself yet.

my body was covered in sweat, the room smelled like sex and he wasn’t done with me yet. my hand found my vibrator on the nightstand, he continued spewing his filth in my ear and his voice was a dream to me. the vibrator pressed firmly against my clit and he was in my mind massaging my arousal to whatever he wanted from me. i gasped and he knew i was coming yet again, “come for me Grace, come… ” and i screamed as my orgasm ripped from me with such a force.

i needed this.

i wanted this.

after we said our goodbyes i smiled. i hadn’t felt this in so long. i had a dirty secret stowed away in my mind. we continued our indecent talking at every chance we got with each other and i still can’t wait to hear him each time. i’m officially addicted to him and i don’t think this is going to end any time soon.

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