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Please, Help The Gifted
Thursday February 25th 2016, 8:00 pm
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Photo by Rick Legal

Photo by Rick Legal










I believe in Art.

I believe in the gifted and talented.

When I caught word that Rick Legal had his camera equipment stolen, it struck a nerve. As a photographer, this is one my worst nightmares with my own equipment. That and dropping my camera off a cliff or in the ocean. I’ve had some close calls.

Rick Legal is the one responsible for the photos you see on my blog posts for the past, I don’t know how long. I keep the PG ones on here so that I can share these posts on Facebook without getting a lifetime ban. He is one of my favorite erotic photographers and his work is spectacular. I hope you feel so too. If you read this blog, you have a level of taste and can appreciate good art when you see, read, hear, smell or even feel it.

Please keep Rick Legal shooting. I ask that you donate what you can. Every dollar helps towards replacing his equipment. I personally donated because I believe in him and want to see more of what he can do. Wouldn’t you?

With all that said. If Rick can get to his goal, I will make a point to keep writing. I know it feels I have abandoned this blog but life does get in the way. I appreciate your patience with me. Writing and creativity ebbs and flows.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for supporting the ones I believe in.

Please click here to make any kind of donation. Every dollar is appreciated.

Photo by Rick Legal

Photo by Rick Legal

Photo by Rick Legal

Photo by Rick Legal

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Rick Legal
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All I Want For Christmas
Tuesday December 11th 2012, 10:39 pm
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This has been another interesting year and we still have the end of the world to look forward to!

I honestly don’t want much for Christmas this year because Christmas came early for me on a few items that I had been dreaming of for quite some time. First, was the purchase of a new camera and I’m now the proud owner of a Canon 6D. I am still getting used to this device as I had been partnered with a Canon 30D for many years.

The second item was an OhMiBod. Adam with Strawberry Blushes was kind enough to contact me and send me this wonderful vibrator that I have always wanted between my legs. This vibrator comes with batteries (THANK YOU) for the transmitter that you plug into your iPod or iPhone and the vibrator is wireless to your device which makes it very nice. I started watching some porn with it and it does work depending on the noise coming from the porn. I ended with a very intense orgasm while listening to the Deftones’ You’ve Seen the Butcher. Yes deviants, this vibrator works and I’m more than happy with it. I have never been a fan of music while masturbating but this finally seals the deal for me while getting off to one of my favorite bands. I am going to try it with recordings men have sent to me. I want to stretch the boundaries with this toy since I am aural and even see if it will work during phone sex.

Strawberry Blushes is based in the UK but they were gracious enough to ship the item to me in the states. Their Twitter handle is: @Strawberryblus1.

As far as what I want this year for Christmas, or more realistically, the New Year?

1. I am digging deep into the darker parts of my brain. I am craving and needing the sadistic acts from a creative man. I want pain and blood. I want a scar and a constant reminder. My need for pain has only grown over these past few months and I attribute some of that to my sessions with The Villain and I do wonder if he and I will cross paths again, or if I will find someone equally qualified to replace him. Only time will tell these things.

2. As silly as this sounds coming from me, I want a damn threesome already. I have been propositioned in the past and even made out with more than one person at the same time but never achieved the full act. I would prefer two males because of my insatiable nature and my desire to be sated for just a little while. Plus, I want to be able to have as many orifices filled at the same time that isn’t toys.

3. Material things?
Well, I will say I have an Amazon Wish List and if you would like to make my Christmas and upcoming birthday brighter, then by all means knock yourself out. I will profusely thank you openly on Twitter and other social media outlets.

This has been a roller coaster of a year but in the end, I have to say it was interesting and good. Again, I have met some wonderful people on the internet and off. I look forward to 2013 as being a productive and positive year. If you noticed my blog has changed a little with the content and that’s because I want to offer a little more than the insight into my sex life and more into some areas that I am passionate about. As you know, I will always try to keep it all sexy. Look forward to more Reviews, Interviews, News and Sex next year.

If you have some news/conference/event you would like to share for January and/or February, please feel free to contact me for consideration.

I will wish you all a wonderful holiday season and remember to keep it sexy and filthy. Be good to one another and please be safe in and out of the bedroom.

Review: Lelo Elise 2
Sunday November 11th 2012, 6:36 pm
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I fell in love with Lelo years ago after I bought my first vibrator (Gigi) from Good Vibrations. So when they contacted me to review their newer line of vibrators, I was more than willing to see what they have come up with.

Lelo shipped me the Elise 2. I never had the original Elise so I can’t say that this vibrator is better than the original Elise but I will say the Elise 2 is a very satisfactory vibrator.

I have used a range of vibrators from $13 to hundreds. I am fine with cheaper vibrators but they always left me feeling very numb afterward and they were very noisy. So, you are paying for quality and noise factors with the more expensive vibrators.

Ever since having the Elise 2 shipped to me, it’s the “go-to” vibrator for me. It feels silky, the noise is quiet and it gives me intense orgasms that lead into multiple orgasms. It’s like an echo after I come that makes me want to come again.

My vibrator sits in my nightstand drawer when it’s not drying by the bathroom sink. It beckons me when I see the pink flesh of the body. I slip the smooth pink down my panties and turn it on without effort, without looking, I have memorized the functions of each button. I nestle the body against my clit and I am lost in the moment.




I am on edge as I am feeling overwhelmed with emotion, lust and pleasure. I start to ache for a cock, ache for penetration and ache to be taken. My body shudders, my muscles tense and I can’t hold it any longer. I burst with an orgasm and push the vibrator inside my cunt that seals the deal. My body is a ball of a shaking mess and yet my clit is screaming and wanting to come again. I’m on edge and teetering, I push the vibrator back to the hard nub and I am coming again. I turn the vibrator off, drag it from my soaked panties and lie there panting and catching my breath. It doesn’t replace the real thing but it will do for now.

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Review: JIMMYJANE Form 6
Thursday October 18th 2012, 11:19 pm
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I have been eying the JIMMYJANE Form 6 for a while and when I was asked to review one I was pretty excited. I am madly in love with the Form 2 and had high hopes for the Form 6 as I love some girth and a strong vibration.

The Form 6 is beautiful and has a nice heavy weight to it. I can appreciate a good quality design in sex toys. After charging this bad boy for 7+ hours I had a hell of a time turning it on. I forgot you have to use quite a bit of pressure on the buttons to get it going. This is both a good and bad thing. It won’t accidently turn off or change modes or speed but it takes effort to get it going. The neat characteristic of this toy is it vibrates on both ends so if you want something small for the clit you can use the small end and if you want to reach your g-spot use the bigger end. The other smart side to this vibrator is it will save the last setting you had so when you use it again there is no fiddling around to get it back to the right setting. The other nice feature is you can keep it on the charger and it won’t deteriorate the battery. This will ensure you have a fully charged vibrator and not run out of juice right when you are about to come because that has happened to me on more than one occasion.

I tend to use vibrators when watching porn or having phone sex so the noise factor is always an issue and this vibrator is too bad with the noise. It’s not distracting for when the roommate is home or when you are on the phone telling a guy how much you want his cock inside you.

Here are the drawbacks to this vibrator, when charging it has to sit in box so you can’t use any kind of chord or another JIMMYJANE charger to charge the vibrator. Each vibrator comes with a specific cradle so this can clutter the nightstand outlet area. Like I said earlier turning it on does take some pressure and effort so if you are weak in the fingers this may add to your frustrations.

I have to be honest and say I am still in love with the JIMMYJANE Form 2 for those intense, back arching orgasms.

Discipline Me – A Review
Wednesday February 01st 2012, 9:03 pm
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I like to support my fellow filthy writers when I can. What really drove me to read this little piece was the cover I saw to this story, titled Discipline Me. As you can see Mich Masoch knows how to grab a person’s attention and I was willing to shell out the $2.99 to read the words that went with this lovely image.

Three sentences into her story I had to grab a highlighter because Mich has some wonderful “word bombs” (a term borrowed by T.M. Camp) throughout her piece:

“I swallow hard, hoping to eject my heart from the place it’s lodged itself in my throat.”

Mich’s piece is not mushy with flowers and love. It’s dirty with the character’s point of view on her very first punishment from her lover in great detail in a little over 11 pages when printed out. She takes you right there in the brain of Jacqueline and the position of being bent over a desk. I am not a fan of wordy tales but she pulled a Sherlock Holmes scene on me with the attention to detail:

“At first, it’s like a little nip of a bite, then a fast, hard push against the arc of my ass, compressing the muscle in a fraction of an instant as waves of impact ripple out and back. I lurch forward from the force, the desk edge digging into my hip.”

This piece is a journey into submission and only the first installment of 6 parts. I won’t give away all the titles but my favorite one that Mich listed out is the final part titled “Break Me”. I look forward in seeing how this adventure unfolds for Jacqueline.

You will not be disappointed in Mich’s perfectionism in writing. She is good at her craft with words and imagery.

To purchase for your kindle: Amazon

To purchase a PDF and other formats: Smashwords

Mich Masoch is the owner and operator of Circus Hooker Smut Regime