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Sweat, Wet and Tears
Thursday March 20th 2014, 11:47 am
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Photo by Rick Legal

Photo by Rick Legal

I was dreaming that he woke me up with his mouth next to my ear speaking filth while his hands grabbed at me. I was panting and while I slept I felt physically aroused.

When I woke up he was sleeping beside me. We were fully clothed and I nestled into his neck. His arms wrapped around me finding the bare skin between my jeans and tank top. I pushed his hand from the small of my back around between my legs. I was burning up, I then maneuvered his hand to unbutton my jeans and slip inside between the layers of clothes.

I moaned when his hand teased at my clit. I could feel the wetness pooling and started to shove down my panties and jeans. He always does this thing with teasing. He knows I want his fingers inside me. He knows I get off from penetration. He also knows that the anticipation of it all is what drives me.

More teasing.

More heavy breathing.

More an-ti-ci-pa-tion.

“Fuck me.” I blurted out.

There were no questions or hesitation. He yanked his jeans and boxers off, I turned over and raised my ass to the air and he pushed my legs apart. That first invasion. That state of being filled and stretched. It always steals my breath. It always feels new and unfamiliar. My hands grabbed handfuls of sheets as my face buried into the pillow. The wetness was dripped down my thighs as he plunged in and out. This makes me see colors and shadows; it’s a different dimension when being fucked. Time stands still and the world stops. All this energy and life is being shoved inside me.

I can tell when he is about to come. His cock gets rigid and full. The throb pushes against the nerves and I want to come with him.

I whisper between thrusts, “You’re gonna come, I can feel it. Come inside me.”

His fingers dig into my sweaty flesh and as he made that punctuate thrust, I screamed into the pillow. I’m overwhelmed with a crashing wave of emotions and the tears flow. My body was limp and heaving by the time he fell beside me. He moved some wet hair away.

“I can’t tell what’s sweat and tears.” He whispered.

I chuckled and wiped the sticky hair from my face, “It’s a little bit of everything.”

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Friday December 13th 2013, 10:44 pm
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Photo by The Rick Legal

Photo by The Rick Legal

“Pain will come with time, but time will heal the pain.”
― Anthony Liccione

I was on top of him riding his cock and when I looked at him through my black hair, I wanted to photograph him. He was staring at me with his tattooed arms splayed with a look of content. My nails dug into the tattoo on his chest and I wondered for that moment if I could fuck him and photograph at the same time. Then my eyes started to roll and my head fell back. My hand gripped the wall to keep me from falling off. I regain myself, stare back down at him watching me and bend down and kiss him.

He calls me his porn star and I am more than happy to oblige. He pushes my boundaries every time we meet and there are times when I am not comfortable but I am grateful for his efforts. He knows I’m in a shell and he’s determined to break me from it.

His voice is deceiving to his actions, it’s soft and smooth like velvet but his actions are stern and painful. I hadn’t come since the last time I was with him seven days prior. The second he pushed a finger inside me I was coming and flooding the panties he pushed to the side.

His kisses are fire. When he reaches up and grabs a fistful hair, I gasp against his lips. My hands wrap around his head. I can feel the coldness on his ear from walking outside. Then I feel the stubble on his jawline from a long day. I want him to consume me.

The past month’s events flooded my frontal lobe when he was behind me fucking me hard. I was begging him to fuck me, hurt me. The tears flowed and mixed with my sweat. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up, he licked the tears from under my left eye and pushed me back down on the bed. I watched him stroke his cock.

“Where do you want me come?”

“On me.” I spread my legs and started rubbing my clit in front of him.

I kept climbing and falling as he stroked and rubbed his cock against my cunt. When he came, I rubbed his slick cum into my wetness till I had an orgasm with my legs clamped around his thighs. My body shook till it fell limp.

Now I am balanced again. I can face what I have to face. I just know I will call on him again. The balancing act never lasts long and then I am fiend again.

He’s the sadist to my masochist.

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The Day and The Life
Tuesday December 10th 2013, 12:06 pm
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Photo by The Rick Legal

Photo by The Rick Legal

I interact with quite a few people and it’s not always hot and steamy. In fact some of the times, I’m just being me. So enjoy my random interactions with the various people in my life:

He: Woohoo! I have a 33 sec video on pornhub now, hahahaha!
Me: You are such a slut and that was hot. You have nice long fingers too. It’s also strange your shoes are all lined up. Yes, I look at everything.
He: Hahahahah!!! I love it when you talk dirty.
Me: Yeah baby. I’m one hot bitch.
He: Rawr!

He: I got some booty last night, the dry spell is no more.
Me: Congrats.
He: Pray to whatever higher power you believe in that I don’t reproduce.
Me: Only if you do the same.
He: I like that our friendship is based on sexual adventures, insanity and our unwillingness to have children.
Me: You know it.

He: I’m doing ok, not going crazy. Feeling a little congested in the nose, filling kinda ugh.
Me: Awww. Stop kissing boys.
He: Take your own advice bitch!
He: You’re probably right.
Me: I know, the last one landed me in the ER.
He: Hahahaha!

He: If I was single I definitely be trying to pass your guy with a brain test.
Me: Oh, you already have love.
He: I don’t like to brag about the size of my brain, but …
Me: I bet it’s big. See, now I’m all turned on.
He: You’re not the first girl to say that.
Me: I know I’m not but how many admitted to getting wet from it?
He: Ok, you’re my first.

Me: I needed to stop to wash the cock off my hands.
He: Aww why, I wanted to smell it!
Me: You can always kiss me.

He: Can you give me a ride?
Me: Yes, but it will cost you.
He: Yeah?
Me: Sexual favors. Lots of sexual favors. Gas is expensive you know.

Her: I keep walking by this cute guy at the college.
Me: Just trip and fall onto his crotch with your mouth next time.
Her: I will make sure to do that, thanks.
Me: Or you can ask him to help you debone a cow with his boner.
Her: Oh God, yes!

He: From now on all my unsolicited dick pics will be marked “Junk Mail”. Just a heads up people for when you check your inboxes.
Me: Junk in my Junk Box. Ok.
He: Want some?
Me: Did you have to ask?
He: Hhmmmm…. hang on, lol.
He: You have mail.
Me: You’re not supposed to tell me. I’m supposed to ignore it because it’s junk mail.
He: I’m new at this, sorryyyy…

He: Aww yeah DSLR.
Me: Here comes the homemade porn!
He: I’ll be taking artistic shots of my balls.
Me: Powdered?
He: Of course. Setup some speed lights and get a remote. I’ll jiggle them and set off all the lights so you can see the powder poof out.

He: Fuck this snow, it took me ten minutes to walk to my cousin’s house and he only lives four houses away.
Me: Are you sure you could even see the house with your disability and all?
He: Oh you are just hilarious.
Me: I know. I always crack myself up.
He: I think it would be hilarious watching you cope with this weather.
Me: Oh, I wouldn’t I would just lie down and die. Fuck that shit, I’m a Californian. I’m used to sun, rain and surfing.
He: We have five inches of snow on the ground right now and it’s still coming down.
Me: Oh yeah, you would find me dead under all that shit. Like possum dead.

He: I’m going sledding tomorrow. There’s a good change of injury.
Me: Awesome. Blind AND broken bones. You’re winning at life.
He: I like to live dangerously.
Me: You watch too much James Bond.
He: Blind. James Blind.
Me: Awesome

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Thursday October 17th 2013, 9:34 pm
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Photo by The Rick Legal

Photo by The Rick Legal

He came inside me and my hips kept grinding into the bed. His body fell beside me; I grabbed his hand and wrapped it around my throat while his other hand trailed between my legs. Two fingers entered into me and I gasped as I squeezed his hand tighter around my neck.


“You gonna come with my load inside you?” He whispered right against my ear.

My teeth were clenched and I managed a “Yess” as his fingers dug and rubbed against my g-spot.

“Come for me,” was the familiar chant.

“Yes, I want to come for you, over and over.” Was what I thought as my mind raced and my eyes rolled from the lack of oxygen. I hung my head into the large hand pressing against my jugular.

My body started to climb and vibrate. All the surrounding noise was gone as the boom exploded and I saw black. I could hear his sound of approval as noises of my panting for air started to register back to my consciousness.

Then the flood rushed to my frontal lobe and I was overwhelmed as my panting turned into a hyperventilated sob. It’s uncontrollable and my head fell into his arm as the hair clung to my face and shielded my eyes from him. Coming down is never easy when you get up so high.

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Catholic Guilt
Monday September 09th 2013, 11:00 am
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Photo by The Rick Legal

Photo by The Rick Legal

He was lying there jacking off like a 14-year-old boy. The condoms were not agreeing with his erection. I was on my back with my head tilted watching this phenomenon because I have never witnessed such vigorous stroking unless a man was about to come. I knew his background over the drink we had in a shitty dive bar and realized at that moment he and I were not an intellectual match, at all.

“So, are you catholic?” I said in a trance.


I perked up as if someone told me it was Christmas morning. “Do you actively practice and go to mass?”

“Yeah,” he answered with hesitation as he still continued to abuse his cock. “I go to midnight mass on Saturdays and go on Sundays.”

“Do you have to do the whole confessional thing?” I asked with anticipation.

“Y-yes, this is not a joke,” he was concerned and started to slow down with his adolescent efforts.

“I am not joking. I’m just curious. I never fucked a catholic before. I respect your religion sans the whole priest molesting boys and the fact that you pray to saints and statues, when in the Bible you are not supposed to worship any other God.” I explained as I turned over on to my stomach to stare into his face. He looked worried but shook his head up and down.

“Yes, we have to confess once a year.” He stared down at his cock. It was still not cooperating and I am sure this conversation was not helping at all. He was a lousy lay and it wasn’t going to happen again anyways. I figured I would salvage this experience.

“In a confessional booth?” My head was rested on my hand. This was the most mental stimulation I had all evening with him.

“Yes in a booth.” He was trying to speed up his jacking off but I could tell he was uncomfortable and yet this was arousing me. His guilt washing over his face as his hand still clung to his cock.

“Tell me what you confess. Do you have to confess about you fucking me?” I watched his face grow even more pained.

“Please, this is not what…”

“I told you I was evil. I want to talk about this. Tell me what you have to confess.” I gave a small smile.

“Yes, I would have to confess this. You can’t just do sins and confess and it’s all free and clear.”

“Yes, you are cheating on your wife with me.” I added.

“I know, I know.”

“Then why are doing this with me?”

“Because I have needs.”

“Uh huh. What else do you have to confess? What are the consequences to your confessions?”

“Whatever the priest tells me to do.”

“I see. Are you going to tell him about this?”

He was quiet and hesitated. The guilt was radiating from him. “No.”

“You are not a very good Catholic then.” I cooed at him.

“I know but I don’t want anyone to find out.”

“Kinda defeats the purpose of confessing, doesn’t it?”

He nodded. He was in pain from this conversation. “Please, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

“That’s too bad because I’m getting kind of turned on from it. I’ve always wanted to fuck in one of those booths.” I stared off with a smile.

He shifted in the bed, made another attempt to fuck me and failed. I took a shower and left knowing I will never see him again.

Side Note: Someone made a comment that this was a cruel story and I mistreated this sap. There is a whole lot more to this experience that I did not include but I will add he was racially stereotypical with me, he was grabbing on me in public, and he needed to be put down a few notches. You will be treated as you treat me. I will not apologize or even remotely feel bad for this guy.

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