Review: Lelo Elise 2

fell in love with Lelo years ago after I bought my first vibrator (Gigi) from Good Vibrations. So when they contacted me to review their newer line of vibrators, I was more than willing to see what they have come up with.

Lelo shipped me the Elise 2. I never had the original Elise so I can’t say that this vibrator is better than the original Elise but I will say the Elise 2 is a very satisfactory vibrator.

I have used a range of vibrators from $13 to hundreds. I am fine with cheaper vibrators but they always left me feeling very numb afterward and they were very noisy. So, you are paying for quality and noise factors with the more expensive vibrators.

Ever since having the Elise 2 shipped to me, it’s the “go-to” vibrator for me. It feels silky, the noise is quiet and it gives me intense orgasms that lead into multiple orgasms. It’s like an echo after I come that makes me want to come again.

My vibrator sits in my nightstand drawer when it’s not drying by the bathroom sink. It beckons me when I see the pink flesh of the body. I slip the smooth pink down my panties and turn it on without effort, without looking, I have memorized the functions of each button. I nestle the body against my clit and I am lost in the moment.




I am on edge as I am feeling overwhelmed with emotion, lust and pleasure. I start to ache for a cock, ache for penetration and ache to be taken. My body shudders, my muscles tense and I can’t hold it any longer. I burst with an orgasm and push the vibrator inside my cunt that seals the deal. My body is a ball of a shaking mess and yet my clit is screaming and wanting to come again. I’m on edge and teetering, I push the vibrator back to the hard nub and I am coming again. I turn the vibrator off, drag it from my soaked panties and lie there panting and catching my breath. It doesn’t replace the real thing but it will do for now.

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