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your deprivation
Friday January 05th 2007, 10:23 pm
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your clever tongue managed to tell me, “you never said i couldn’t touch it.”

i countered that response with, “well then, don’t touch it for me.”

i knew those equally witty words back to you were a slap in the face. it is true i put in place the term of “cum when i tell you too” but i always allowed you to touch that slutty cock of yours. i grinned knowing what i started.

there was this hesitation in your response but you blurted out, “yes, Grace.”

“goddamn just that thought alone is getting me wet and squirmy.” i felt my hand travel between my legs knowing i was touching myself and you were not allowed to. you thought it would just be temporary, you thought you would go to your client site that night and sneak in some touches, jack off on the way home and now you thought wrong. my night was going to be filled with this thought of your own deprivation and the arousal of my cunt. “you can hurt for me, dig your nails in it and fuck you can cut it, but you better not fucking touch it.”

you were glum and pouty already. “yes, Grace.”

“have a good night.”

“i don’t plan on it.” you mope away.

i spent the rest of the evening imaging you there with your cock throbbing and hard. i even sent an email just to taunt you. i wanted you to ache to touch your needy cock. i just imagined you getting hard, your hand traveling down towards the hardness and hearing my voice echo at the last second, “NO!”. that inner reminder of what you were not allowed to do for me.
as i was getting fucked from behind my mind darted to the thought of your lack of not touching. my cunt contracted and this conversation and image was formed in the bedroom darkness.

“you hard baby?” i looked down and it was obvious by the bulge in your jeans.

“yes, Grace. can i touch it?” your hand starting to trail down.

“you better not!” i hiss as the cock goes in and out me roughly. “don’t you dare fucking touch that slutty fucking cock of yours or so help me…nnnnnnnnuuuu.” as i came i watched your bulge pulse. you looked so pathetic as your face seem twisted in frustration. i smiled at you. “you need to learn some discipline and not cave in to what you think you need or want. your deprivation is such a turn on for me, i will think about letting you touch that cock of yours tomorrow.”

you start to whimper and my eyes dart back viciously. you stopped immediately. this was not the time nor place for whimpering nor whining.

“go to your closet” i snarl over my shoulder. “i am done looking at you tonight.”


“just go!”

the conversation replayed itself a second time before my session was over.

i will leave what happened today for V to explain. a link will be added once he posts his side.

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Deprivation makes the release all the more sweet and intense…

i agree.

Comment by Chris 01.06.07 @ 12:10 am

gawd i love you. *lick*

awwww. pan you are too sweet.


Comment by Pandora 01.07.07 @ 2:13 am

[…] something wasn’t quite right. my mind started to wonder to words i have read and then to a conversation that i could see vividly in my mind at that very moment with V. i felt dizzy as my arousal seemed […]

Pingback by soon « Gracie’s Playground 01.10.07 @ 8:29 pm

Such divine tension. I have been there, that place where a move either way will cause your skin to break and all of your essence will fly out. Scattered, never to be all gathered in totality again.

mmmm i do love when you piece words together. you can make gore sound romantic.

Comment by Liras 01.12.07 @ 10:42 pm

when the very thoughts are sucked out of your brain, words just can’t capture it.

very true.

Comment by Liras 01.14.07 @ 6:13 am

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