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Monday November 23rd 2009, 10:08 pm
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i had planned on answering more questions but this will be an ongoing feature. please email your questions and i promise i won’t bite too hard. you can ask me anything you like but if you ask me stuff outside of my expertise you may get a creative answer.

Q. would you prefer to trust that someone will always be tender with you, or prefer to trust that they will feel free to express the unrestrained physicality that may cause you pain? -by alphaesque

A. i would always want someone that i am intimate with feel free to express themselves. as with all lovers i discuss sexuality. i would not blindly sleep with someone without knowing their kinks. since i am a fan of pain, i would enjoy the “unrestrained physicality”. i enjoy cuts and bruises and relish them days later as a reminder of my time spent with that individual.

to be honest, if someone was always tender with me, i would eventually find boredom with the behavior. i tend to bring out the sadistic side in people.

Q. who are you in real life? -by romuald

A. i’m batman

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ouyé “fuck you i’m batman”

Comment by romuald 11.24.09 @ 1:03 am

@romuald i thought you would enjoy my answer.

Comment by Gracie 11.24.09 @ 10:45 am

I think he did. Did you click his link?

I liked your comments about seeing marks days later to remind you of your time together. It’s similar to that of a flower, given at a time of passion and wilting away a few days later.

Comment by terabyt3 11.24.09 @ 10:30 pm

@tarabyt3, yes i did click on the link.

the marks are the best.

Comment by Gracie 11.25.09 @ 11:41 am

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