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yin and yang
Friday July 20th 2007, 1:58 pm
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i stripped the minute the visitor in our home left. my body had dried sweat from my run and my clothes were still damp and cold as they fell to the tile. i ached, i was exhausted and i couldn’t form any thoughts besides “bed”.

we started discussing religion when i laid in my panties on the fuck bed. i pulled my arms up over my head and beneath the pillow. he sat at the edge gliding his hands over my soft flesh. i closed my eyes as our conversation was growing deeper and the clock kept ticking. his hand ran around my breasts, my nipples, flowing down my stomach to my thighs. fingers traced the black fabric and traveled back up and down again.

i never lost sight of the words we were exchanging and yet at moments i felt him. it was the one time when i was not caught up in one act more then the other.  there was a pleasant balance and i savored his touches while letting our voices fill the air.

we had to pull ourselves apart with great effort because we hadn’t eaten. i wanted that moment to last longer. mostly i love how my near nakedness draws him in like honey or in my case sweet poison, how second nature it is for him to touch my flesh when it is exposed to him.

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I am reading and reading and I cannot stop. We have too much in common and you have achieved what I still search for the girl and the boy, to have as you want when you want. Your posts make me wet and then envious and then wet again. We are looking for a girl toy and a boy toy for me and Him to share when we want and how we want. I look forward to reading more and more of you.

thank you Mistify and welcome.

good luck on your endeavors.

Comment by Mistify 07.21.07 @ 7:58 am

Oh.. that beautiful ache..
and exhaustion.
Delicious exhaustion
and hunger
The need for more

yes Shibari.


Comment by shibari 07.22.07 @ 8:29 am

completely yin and yang…nothing better than being with the one who complements you in such a way….very nice.

thank you Darkpixie.

Comment by darkpixie 07.22.07 @ 4:52 pm

This stimulates me, elegantly takes my breath away.

thank you my dear Tom.

Comment by Tom 07.23.07 @ 10:03 am

i cum just about every time i read you

i have learned to cum without touching

without touching my body

i cum

you invade my mind and i cum

…damn Nate…

Comment by nate 07.23.07 @ 2:42 pm

What a gorgeous post and so true in so many ways. It brings back particularly decadent memories of time spent in bed with my lover – the pleasurable exhaustion of reveling in each other’s bodies, spirits and minds.

thank you Dirtylittlegirl. welcome as well.

Comment by dirtylittlegirl 07.23.07 @ 3:06 pm

This is beautiful. Balance and symmetry as so blindingly seductive. When mind and body connect simultaneously, it’s overwhelming.


thank you Chris.

Comment by Chris 07.23.07 @ 4:38 pm

love moments like this


Comment by Clintus McGintus 08.18.07 @ 12:52 pm

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