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Friday October 06th 2006, 10:26 pm
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I knew it was a mistake even as I gave her the URL but I couldn’t stop myself.  She gets into my head and pushes me and I’m helpless…no, not helpless…I want to.  I want to thrill her.  I want to fuck her head as much as she fucks mine.  I want to make her as dazed as she makes me, thinking with her cunt, feeding her bottomless need for some new shock, some new outrage.  She fucks with so many guys, but I fuck her back.  I want to curl up inside her cunt and stay there so that every cock, every tongue, every finger that so easily slides though that glorious musty wetness goes through me first.  Whoever fucks her, so, too, do I fuck her.  So, no – helpless doesn’t work.

“Goddamn, baby,” she wrote as she watched me unbutton my jeans and stuff my hand down.  “You fucking slut.  Fucking slut.  Goddamn.”

I adjusted the light and the picture on the webcam become lighter and more defined.  I teased the zipper down, keeping my hardon out of site, gripping it in my hand, squeezing it, pumping slowly under my jeans.

“Show me, baby,” she typed, “lemme see it.”

I watched the screen as my hand brought it out and presented to her.  I jerked it a couple of times.

“And your balls, bitch.  Squeeze ’em.  Hard.”

My thumb and forefinger encircled them pulling the ball sack tighter.

“That’s not fucking tight, bitch.  Hurt for me, baby.  I want it.”

I squeezed even harder.  My body jerked off camera briefly.  Pain shot through me.

“Again.  Show me your face this time.  So fucking wet baby”

My face came into focus and twisted in pain, my chin tucking hard into my chest.

“Gooood, baby…very good.  Now.  Give me what you’re keeping from me.”

“Baby, pleeeease,” I wrote back.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch.  You brought this on yourself, my little cum slut.  Jerk it off for me.  I wanna see your cum, baby.”

And, like the whore that I am, I did.

After that, she sent me an email

Unless there’s a fucking good reason, bitch, I want you available at all times.  I am completely fucking serious.  If you’re not there, you will explain it to me.  If I don’t accept then you’re gone.  Got it?

So as I sat in Starbucks, I wasn’t surprised to get her IM.

A:  get on your fucking cam, slut
v:  i’m a starbucks
A:  did i fucking ask where you were?!
v:   no, A, you didn’t
A:  then do it.  i’m with some friends and we’re bored.
v:  baby…i
v:  yes, A

My cock twitched and began to thicken as I logged on.  Fucking bitch, I thought.  It wasn’t terribly full and I had chosen a table in the corner, not really private, but not in the middle of the floor either.  I saw my slutty face stare out of the monitor at me and sent her the address.  Seconds later I saw that she was on.  More surprising, a video window popped up and there was her gorgeous face.

A: slut  (her eyes crinkled as she laughed)
v:   yes, A
A;  i want you to meet K (from behind her a woman’s pretty oval face with short cropped blond hair appeared, smirking and waved) and W  (a deep tanned male face shortish and square popped on screen with a slight smile).  I keep telling them about you but they don’t believe me.
v:  yes, A
A:  you’re my cum slut, is that right?
v:  yes, A
A: and, let’s say that W here, cum inside my ass…what would you do?
v:  i would suck it out and clean you, A
A: and would you like it?  tell the truth, baby…don’t fucking lie to me
v: n-no, A…i wouldn’t
A:  no…you wouldn’t, would you (she widen her camera and i could see both K and W laughing)…still you’d deep throat W and swallow his cum if i asked you to, yes?  (W hand slipped inside A bra.  A’s head fell against his chest)
v: yes, A…i would
A:  even though you’d much rather fuck K  (K leaned forward and kissed A deeply)
v:  yes, A
A:  you like being a fag for me?  don’t lie bitch
v:  no, A, i don’t like it
A:  mmmmmm…but you’ll do it for me, baby
v:  yes, A
A:  they want to know why, baby
v:  because i need you, A….because i’m your slut.. because (I could see my face looking anxious.  My eyes darted back and forth
A:  mmmmm…because you hope that i’ll let you fuck me someday  (A reached toward the camera and pointed downward showing me her bare cunt.  i nervously glanced around the Starbucks)…i’ll let you stick your ass-cock into some pussy for a change…like this…or (the camera shifted again and A’s fingers pulled up K’s skirt exposing her shaved cunt and pierced clit)this…but  more than likely you’ll wind up doing this ( the camera shifted and W’s cock, so much bigger than mine, came into frame as did your lips which wrapped around it.  My own cock pulsed painfully in side my cargo shorts looking like a beating heart inside them thumping away, trying to push through the fabric.) cock or cunt, baby (A returned the camera back to its starting place, smiling wickedly at me though the ethos)
v: cunt, A
A:  (A’s eyes glittered evilly) fucking liar
v:  no, A
A:  mmmhmmm…you’re a fucking liar because you don’t care…you’re a fucking whore, little cum slut
v: yes A
A:  you hard, baby?
v: uh-huh
A:  show us
v:  what?
A: we don’t believe you.  show us

What the fuck?  Show them?  This wasn’t the privacy of home or even my car  (“keep a flashlight in the glove compartment, slut”). This was a public place.  The fear on my face showed clearly.  I watched them on the other side of the country grinning and chatting.  W and K slid their hands inside A’s bra.  A reached up to slowly stroke W’s cock while slipping her fingers under K’s skirt.  A’s face turned stern.

A: now, slut
v: (eyes pleading) baby…pleease…not here
A:  (looking more and more pissed off) NOW…or that’s it


I slipped my hand under the table and gripped my raging hardon.  Fucking bitch.  She’s gonna get me arrested.  Trying to stay unobtrusive, I eased the zipper down, feeling the air conditioning slip through.  How the fuck would I do this?  I decided to put the laptop on the chair in front of me, using it a  shield.  I glanced at the screen as I set it down.  A jerking off W at a leisurely pace.  K sliding A’s bra off one breast and yanking at her nipple ringing with K’s other hand under her own skirt

A: good…baby (she pecked out with one hand)

I eased my need cock out through the zipper, the head huge and bulbous, the skin along the shaft taut.  I pretended to do…something, but there was no real activity I could think of to justify it.  I looked down at the screen.

A: thank you, baby…but

I wrestled my hardon back through the zipper and tugged it up.  On screen, K and W we’re saying something to her…something nice…the three of them looked out at me smiling with something that looked vaguely mocking.

v: but what?

A: we just wanted to see the bulge in your shorts, baby…fucking whore that you are, you had to show us the real thing.  you’re truly a slut, baby…goddamn…(the other two mouthed something)  they say i should keep you.  we’ll see

Their cam went dead.  Fuck me.

I knew it was a mistake

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Comment by teajay 10.08.06 @ 8:23 pm

” She gets into my head and pushes me and I’m helpless…no, not helpless…I want to. I want to thrill her. I want to fuck her head as much as she fucks mine. I want to make her as dazed as she makes me, thinking with her cunt, feeding her bottomless need for some new shock, some new outrage.”


Comment by kindabiz 10.13.06 @ 3:26 am

LOL. You are such a bitch. 🙂

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 10.19.06 @ 2:43 pm

Oh now this was absolutely brilliant!

Comment by Pandora 10.30.06 @ 9:09 pm

holy shit… i’m absolutely mesmerized by this… HOT!!!

yes my V, is quite the writer. thank you.

Comment by His toy 11.25.06 @ 12:37 am

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