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Thursday February 02nd 2006, 2:45 pm
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i was asked an interesting question yesterday…if you could be a man would you? the premise of this question was for a sexual experience. in thinking about this question i realized that i love being a woman. i have no desire to be a man. if i wanted to fuck a woman i would. i know it would not be in the same as a man would fuck a woman. but, my point is, i love being a woman and have that option to be with a man or a woman. as i am sure a guy has that option also, but i feel there is this advantage to being a woman. if you look the core of nature…the world revolves around a female. males fighting over females, males live to be with a female and males will kill for a female. a man wants be successful, powerful and handsome to attract a woman. Big houses, fancy cars and nice clothes…all to attract her.

women are creatures of desire and masters of seduction. they are beautiful in so many ways. their touch, their look, their smell and the arousing sounds they make. it is no wonder why some men would be curious to be a woman for a day.

you see when i am watching porn, i am not looking at the guy…i am looking at her.

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i am quite happy being a man with all of the ups and downs that go with that. beisdes i get to look at both and enjoy beauty wherever i find it . mmmmm–>

Comment by expei 02.02.06 @ 7:43 pm

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