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worth the wait…the tease
Monday July 17th 2006, 4:28 pm
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emotions fester and grow
materialize into images
inspire actions
force words to be spoken

needing to feel
skin upon mine
invoke a flood of colors
throughout my body

leaping from my mouth
my skin
my sweat
my nails

i was waiting for E to come home. he decided to go out with the boys for drinks. i was not in a state to get up dressed, etc. i fell asleep waiting. at around 2 am he comes in the room. he throws off the covers and positions me at the edge of the bed. he pulls me up to kiss me and i can taste the alcohol on his lips. he lets me fall back and spreads my legs. he licked me and it felt like a rush of caffeine to my head. being in such a needful state and feel his tongue flick at my clit made me want to scream. yet, i had to keep quiet because C was sleeping. E keeps licking and licking and i come on his tongue with juices flowing.

at this point i am unsure if we are fucking of he is just going to play with me. he turns me over and sinks his fingers inside my cunt. i grip tightly around him as he searches for my g spot. i still feel so groggy and yet hungry. he pulls his fingers out and pulls my hips towards his cock. i thought i would be in more control and if i had not been so tired i would have been crafty about making E ask to fuck me. instead i kept pulling my cunt away and near his cock. i did this a few times till he grabbed my hips and sank himself inside me. that feeling, oh that feeling of a hard cock invading my body is just amazing to me. i don’t care if i come or not, i love that feeling, that act, that motion. want to make me happy…fuck my cunt.

however, i did get to fuck him as he had me climb on top of him after a few thrusts from behind. i sank down on his hardness and started to fuck him hard. i leaned down and let him have his way with my breasts. i felt that climb on an intense orgasm. i was on track and the emotions will piling inside of me and with that i came. my cunt fluttered on E’s cock and i fell off of him.

as far as control…well i did not let E come last night. i figured if i was not going to get him to ask, well i was going to determine his cumming.

before you think i am a bitch, i gave him a massage today and assisted in his cumming. he is a happy boy today.

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That teasing us is torture for sure. I love pulling hips toward me, ramming my cock home when a woman does that. Good to know women enjoy that too. 🙂

Comment by LustDemon 07.17.06 @ 9:12 pm

MMmmmm delicious!

Comment by Pandora 07.17.06 @ 11:02 pm

Man, I like your style, Grace. I like it a lot…

Rex Loves Roxy

Comment by Rex and Roxy 07.18.06 @ 7:28 am

thank you for such delicious comments.

Comment by Gracie 07.18.06 @ 11:23 am

Hmmm … very inviting and well written … Glad I found you 😉

Comment by Aragorn 07.18.06 @ 7:10 pm

you simply torture me too ..

keep it up and cool writes !

Comment by kindabiz 07.19.06 @ 3:54 am

aragorn – thank you, i enjoy your blog as well.

kindabiz – oh, in that case i will keep torturing you. considering i thrive on that kind of stuff. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 07.19.06 @ 9:42 am

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