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Thursday March 08th 2007, 1:39 pm
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every once in a while a man that i adore will write me something that strikes me. i will warn there are words of “blood” and “razorblades” used.

this was written by Anthony aka ©Dürchb1!ck on myspace, a very wonderful and dear man to me.


He watches while she ruins her life.
He didn’t mean to fuck her inside.
Thinking the razorblades would be a fun thing to try.

Now she bleeds within.
The tears flow from her eyes.
From the thoughts of old times in her life.
He just wanted her to enjoy the pain of the blades going in and out her forbidden body.

She screams while he pushes his fingers with razorblades deep inside.
He wants to stop but she pushes him deeper within.
He watches her eyes fall back inside her head.
The pleasure he brings makes him uncontrolably hard within his pants.

He hands her his bloody blades.
While she is holding his harden dick,
She goes down slowly then comes up fast with the blades tearing at his tender skin.

He screams in painful pleasure.
Now he tears in the thought of wanting to fuck her insides again.

The blades tear at the walls of her tender hole.
Blood becomes their only lubricant.

When she screams, he crys.
He hates to hear the pain he brings.
But pleasure is all he creates inside her.

They lay their with blood sliding between them.
The pleasure and torture is done.

Created by Anthony:


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Very erotic Gracie

i think so too.

Comment by George 03.08.07 @ 2:52 pm

There is just something about blood that fires the soul. Although hopefully more symbolic than anything else.

some of us crave blood more literally then symbolically. does that make us wrong?


Comment by ArtfulDodger 03.08.07 @ 5:18 pm

the beast likes…

mmmmmm good.

Comment by silence up2nogood 03.08.07 @ 6:48 pm


yes, i think so.


Comment by sangre 03.09.07 @ 11:37 am

Very nice.

yes, yes.

Comment by Chris 03.09.07 @ 2:35 pm

Gracie- i have been unable to move away from your blog since i got here (checks clock) about 26 minutes ago. Some, i’ve read but have no re-read and fuck… fuck me here, now… shit.

You know how to tease a slut during slef-pleasure restraint. Good thing i’m going today to get the shit fucked out of me there, now and to have my own bite marks implanted.

You gave me, through your raw words, the fucking chills.
i love it.
DL’s toy

toy, thank you, you flatter me. i hope you do get the shit fucked out of you so i can read about it.

have a painful and pleasurable time.


Comment by His toy 03.11.07 @ 4:57 am

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to read all about the shit being fucked & beat out of me, with a twist, for sure.

i went back to read “fuck me here, now”. i think this is… epic.

i do enjoy your pain and willingness to endure such treatment.

thank you darling.

Comment by DL's toy 03.17.07 @ 8:51 am

collars and handcuffs
(without the fluff);
whips and knives that glint,
a vibrator and a mint.
whipped cream and peanut butter that give your body ripples;
pulling hair, biting nipples.
hot sauce licked off your face;
leather and lace.

hanging from the ceiling, the handcuffs cutting your wrists, stinging and burning; body going limp and stiff with each ethereal touch.
the knife is dragged along the back… the trail of blood follows it seconds later, beckoning to the eyes and mouth.
the whip is mightier than the hand.
the hands leave the scene and are left with clumps of hair; there are scabs on the nipples. they are happy, painful reminders of the night before; the only left clear in their daze.
traces of mace left in her mouth; she could not recall whether it was that mace or sucking his cock that made her stomach wrench so. the thought of it yet again made her body shiver. her eyes wandered towards the floor, where her leather corset, lace panties, weapons of pleasure, and blood lay.

Comment by lily 06.15.09 @ 10:46 pm

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