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without hesitation
Saturday October 28th 2006, 11:01 pm
Filed under: Masochist,Sex

E was on the phone with C. it seems to be an almost nightly ritual as they are collaborating on an intense project. i do not mind as i go about my business in silence. i was laying in the tub on my stomach with my head on the edge, thinking. i watched him walk by the open bathroom out the corner of my lazy eye. he had stopped to walk in, sat on the edge of the tub, grabbed the soap and started to soap my exposed, wet flesh.

his hands glided as i could hear him talking but i wasn’t paying attention. i was more focused on his hand traveling the curve of my back, over my ass, in between my cheeks and downward. my ass moved upward to allow him more access to my cunt. my eyes closed to feel the sensation as his fingers aimlessly traveled the crevices of my ass and cunt. he did stop for a few seconds on my throbbing clit. i gasped slightly at the sensation. he was still entrenched in his conversation. he swept the water upward washing away the soap. i settled back in my watery bed as he got up to pace around the dark house with the phone attached to his ear.

the towel wrapped around me i headed for the bed with the mail. i laid on my stomach as i opened and reviewed the junk and the bills. the towel was slowly unwrapping from me as i laid there. E’s voice would echo through the house as the only noise in the late of the night. his voice would near as he would come in to grab a pinch or handful of my ass. he took a couple of swipes at my ass as he continued to talk. i watched him peering over my mail as he opened my underwear drawer, pulled out a g-string and laid it by my arm on the bed. he walked out of the room and i got up to put on the g-string and settled back on to the bed.

as i laid there it was not long before E’s voice came back to the bedroom. he grabbed more ass and took another swipe. he paced back out of the room and then i heard the slight noise of latex being fitted on his hand. i put the mail aside and put my head on my pillow as he forced my legs apart and shoved in three fingers. i gasped into the pillow as my cunt clenched around his fingers so tightly. now, i could hear it all as he worked his fingers in and out of me. i gripped the pillow as i could hear C’s faint voice talking and then E responding without skipping a word or saying “uh”. i was so impressed with how his voice did not change a pitch as he roughly molested my cunt. i felt myself coming around his invasive fingers and i felt this pain of him forcing his way into my tightness. i only clenched tighter around him to feel that pain.

my breath was heavy in the pillow as i tried to silence the moans that were escaping from my mouth. i moaned into the pillow as E found my g spot. i was so focused on how normal he sounded as he was talking on the phone. i was getting off on the fact that i was being fingered and C was there. it almost felt like a sneaky exhibitionism. hearing C was as if he was in the room with us and E’s attitude about was nonchalant and i was drenching my panties at this thought. my chest was heaving and i kept coming around his fingers. i was clenching him i barely let him leave my cunt.

E got up and pulled off the glove with a snap and went about his pacing around the house. i laid there late into the early morning catching my breath and revelling in this sensation that had me high. i pulled off my g string and smirked at my wet cum coating the thin material. i love it.

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