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what i am missing now
Friday July 21st 2006, 9:53 pm
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being naked
laying next to E
E’s tongue between my legs
a violent much needed fucking
air conditioning
my bed
an intense orgasm
mental stimulation
E’s cock ramming inside me
a spanking
talking with E
touching E’s hard cock
licking E’s hard cock
sucking E’s hard cock
squeezing E’s hard cock
E’s lips on my breasts
E’s tongue on my nipples
E’s mouth on my neck
E’s breath in my ear
sweating (wait i am doing that now, but not in a good way)

i need to fuck…so so bad

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Go fuck then!

Comment by Mr. Husbland 07.21.06 @ 11:11 pm

not home tonight silly!

Comment by Gracie 07.21.06 @ 11:40 pm

I assume your picture is on the sidebar now.

Which one is it?

Comment by Mr. Husbland 07.21.06 @ 11:46 pm

the chick one.

Comment by Gracie 07.21.06 @ 11:50 pm

Weak! Get E to take some nice pictures of you and make blogland smile.

You want it anyhow. Admit it.

Comment by Mr. Husbland 07.21.06 @ 11:57 pm

i will do it if you do it.

anyways…not like i want the world to know the deviant behind the words on this blog. (i am not snow white as you can tell)

i will post pics when i am good and ready.

you will see…oh yes…you will see.

*evil grin*

Comment by Gracie 07.22.06 @ 12:00 am

Is your icon a pic of you or a picture you fancy.

My oatmeal in a bowl picture is not really myself by the way.

Comment by Mr. Husbland 07.22.06 @ 12:01 am

it is a pic i fancy, however, it represents me to some degree except i do not have the lip piercings nor the bull ring piercing. eyes are hazel.

Comment by Gracie 07.22.06 @ 12:08 am

Doesn’t matter. It sound like you can fulfill every fantasy E can think of. Good for him. Good for you.

Comment by Mr. Husbland 07.22.06 @ 12:14 am

perhaps, but he has his own bag of tricks you see. we are not the same sexually, so it keeps things interesting.

he confesses i am his fantasy girl. he has an album full of pics dating back to the beginnings of our long relationship. polaroids!

but, i still enjoy looking at his porn.

Comment by Gracie 07.22.06 @ 12:18 am

Sign me up, Darlin’!

Comment by MikeCindynJoe 07.22.06 @ 1:07 am

dont u dare fuck up now !

no sex for the next 4 days
… at least i am not going to … just chking myself out for a short period as to what builds up now ??

just imagine yrself being rammed by a bull when u are so very very ready !

Comment by kindabiz 07.23.06 @ 12:19 am

have fun

Comment by ILLstate 07.23.06 @ 6:11 am

I agree 🙂

Comment by Pandora 07.23.06 @ 8:02 am

I knew I should have checked you out a long time ago!

Now I’m hooked.

Gorgeous pics and a wicked delicious flavor in these posts!

Comment by Pyrhonik 07.23.06 @ 9:48 am

mikecindynjoe – like to fix a problem?

kindabiz – now what would you do if i did fuck up now? the last time i read you seemed to have no discipline in this category….hmmmm?

illstate & pandora – i plan on having fun tonight.

pyrhonik – thank you! i just checked out your blog, i like it. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 07.23.06 @ 10:36 am

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