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what can a woman do
Sunday April 09th 2006, 6:27 pm
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in trying to better understand the male species, i have learned that being direct and blunt is the key to perfect communication with someone of the opposite sex. talking around, hints and wishful thinking does not get the job done.

however, sometimes i don’t want to say anything. not that i don’t feel like it or i am shy to say it. i just want to experiment.

so men…

is there a look, an action or something a woman can do to let you know that she wants to be taken…without having to say…”hey i want you to take it, now”? i am not talking about sex or making love. i am talking about primal LUST, DESIRE, NEED, TAKING and CLAIMING.

tell me guys…is there something without saying that a woman can do to show you…i want you to take it…now.

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Tell me something

There is, but I can’t tell you. Secret Man thing and all.

But I’ll tell you how to get me, walk up to me, give me one of ‘those’ kisses, a direct stare into the eyes, and you will get whatever the hell it is you want.

Comment by The_Chef 04.09.06 @ 8:05 pm

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