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Tuesday April 03rd 2007, 11:03 pm
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i laid there naked in the dark listening to my ragged breathing. i closed my eyes and thought about so many images roaming wild in my hungry mind. i grabbed my fake cock and squeezed it, it almost felt real as i thought about his cock. i moaned deep in my throat and i tried to push it inside of my went starving cunt. i thought about his head pushing in, trying to push deep inside. it took me so many tries to make my cunt give way to the girth of his cock, the cock in my hand, his thrust. i moaned when i got it half way in. i groaned when i forced it the rest of the way in. his cock, his thrust, his warmth. i groaned as i frantically fucked myself like he would, like i want, like iĀ  crave, like i miss.

i pulled the vibrator on to my clit and squeezed my legs tight. i laid there shaking hearing my moans, squirming against his touch. was it his tongue or his cock? it didn’t matter as i laid there pressing it hard against my own hardness. i felt it building and building. i tugged on my nipple hearing his voice in my head. it grew hard like a pebble between my finger and thumb. his voice spoke filth into my mind. after so many long days it was drawing nearer and i could taste it on my lips. my eyes were closed tight as i thought about him cumming in my ass, taking my ass, claiming the ass that is never used. when i thought about his hot cum spilling into my ass, i came, i came so hard. i let it ride, i let if fill me and i let the tears well in my eyes as i cried out the frustration of countless days without this feeling.

i still shake from what i miss. i tremble deep within. i still feel restless.

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Poor girl. I wish you hard, hot sex very soon! I know the craving well. I’m barely functional when #2 is gone for weeks. The crave, the want, the need overrides my body and my mind. But this was a vivid glimpse at your own touch and motivation. Well written.

thank you chris, it seems we have something in common with our needy sex drives.


Comment by Chris 04.04.07 @ 4:56 pm

that was so well said that you made me wish i had a pussy between my legs, and not someone elses! very hot gracie and so worthy of a *bite* hope you get that tremble and shake satisfied soon beautiful.

wow Arty that sounds pretty…good.


Comment by ArtfulDodger 04.04.07 @ 6:17 pm

the beast comes to take us all….

yes it does. in such a forceful way as well.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 04.05.07 @ 12:59 am

šŸ™ That was sad and sexy at the same time. šŸ™‚

yes it was teacher. it has been a very long and hard week for me. but i promise it got better as of 2am sunday morning. *wink*

Comment by The Teacher 04.05.07 @ 2:56 pm

I cannot stop myself from re-reading this. I feel for you, my dear. It does, however, seem to be eliciting fervent and creative wordsmithing, so it’s not entirely and completely without its use. This is extraordinarily good and insightful writing as well.

thank you my dear Tom. it really was a very nice feeling and session.

Comment by Tom 04.06.07 @ 5:18 am

Ohhh, my dearest gracie. such burning desire dripping from your words?

i’d build you a automatic fuck chair to take care of your constant needs, but I worry you’d never leave it. where would those of us who love your words, erotic and sincere, be then? aching and wanting more, as you are now.

given the choice we’ll let you suffer. the torture is such sweet music to our ears.


yes S, i laughed. i knew you would love to see me suffer. that is not very nice at all.

i’ll have you know i finally was fucked and fucked. *evil grin* i never get enough though.

Comment by silenceup2nogood 04.07.07 @ 7:25 pm

“yes S, i laughed. i knew you would love to see me suffer. that is not very nice at all.”

Only because you seem to get such pleasure from it. Personally I’d carpet our bed with flowers and while you soaked in a antique iron tub scented with lavender, wash your hair the dry you on a bed of grass.

But I’m perched on the edge of the rabbit hole slipping closer to the drop, watching “Secretary” with a beer in hand and a silly grin, so what do I know.


trust me..going THAT long without cock i surely do not get pleasure from. it got rather depressing towards the end.

that is a favorite movie of mine btw.

james spader….goddamn. did you watch him in crash as well?

Comment by silence up2nogood 04.09.07 @ 9:22 pm

It is such a wonderfully subversive movie isn’t it šŸ™‚


i love that movie. i bought it on DVD first thing.

we need more movies like that!

Comment by silence up2nogood 04.12.07 @ 6:44 pm

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