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welcome home grace
Thursday September 28th 2006, 11:16 am
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“slap me in the face, come on!” he snarled at me.

i am shaking, after a beating like the one i just had, i am not sure if he was just testing me or egging me. i am on my knees on the ground as he is sitting at the edge of the bed towering over me like a villan. my ass is red and beaten not to mention the rough ass fucking he bestowed upon me. i was mistaken to think he would be nice to me after being gone several days. i knew deep down that is exactly what i wanted from him. i was aching for a beating and pain.

“come on! slap me!” he said through clenched teeth.

my lips started to snarl. i felt rage building inside of me. i clenched my teeth, i felt it in my arm, going down to my hand. i had tried every time he repeated those words to work the gull to smack him. finally i caved in…


i slapped him with all my might. i could see a slight surprise in his face, but i don’t smile at my actions. i was afraid of what i just had done to him. he has never voluntarily let me slap him like that.

tonight he pushed me to bite him, to dig my nails into his flesh. i felt like it was christmas. i am shocked he endured such pain from me. i could hear him hiss in pain as my long nails dug into his flesh, waiting for the moment i would pierce his skin.

“bite me, harder, harder!” were the words he barked at me.

everything was heightened for me. feeling him dig his fingers deep in my cunt forcing me to be wet around him as i groaned with this longing lust. moaning into long, deep kisses and hearing him return his lust in my mouth. i wanted him to devour me and drain me of everything. it had been days and i was starving. from his hand wrapped around my neck, to covering my nose and mouth and the scarf yanking my veins tight…was what made my cunt drenched. i had missed him and he knew what i needed. not what i wanted…but what i needed.

he pinned me down so i could not block his hits. my ass seared with heat as he relentlessly beat me. he knew that is what i wanted and a punishment i was willing to take. i was bent over his leg and straddling him reverse with my ass in his face. i grinded against his hard cock as he beat me reddening one cheek at a time.

as he fucked me from behind bent over the bed i came repeatedly on his cock. he threw filth in the air causing me to come over and over. i love hearing him talk filth to me. as he gripped my hips thrusting into me, i could feel every inch of him going in and out of me. he talked of fucking my ass because i was a “fucking whore”. he pushed his cock in me and thrusted without ease. i jerked back and up as he pushed in and out of me. as the pain of his vile entrance into my ass subsided i started to groan and i could feel my wetness dripped down my leg. he pulled out to lube his cock spitting remarks that my ass was too tight to fuck. he shoves himself back in me fucking my ass in and out.

after that fatal slap i submissively laid down on the ground afraid of the wrath i had ignited.

“is that all you got grace? huh?” he yelled. “come on grace, the all powerful grace, that all that is in you?”

he shoved a dildo in my cunt as i moaned surrendering to him. i never wanted to overpower him, that is not my role with him. i do like fighting with him and making him force me to submit. it is a challenge that i like to lose. in the end i am not a true submissive. i am a masochist and the bruises that riddle my arms and body this morning are proof of that, along with the red scratch marks down the center of my back.

“get on all fours in front of the mirror.”

i hesitate and he grabbed my hair to quicken my pace. he pushes the dildo back inside me as he hisses more filth at me.

“you are a fucking whore grace and that is okay. it’s okay to be a slut that loves to fuck.” he explained in a calm demeanor. “look yourself straight in the eye grace and say it’s okay to love to fuck….say it!”

i can hardly look at myself. he grabbed up the front of my hair to display my face. i hate seeing myself in such a state. i starred into my own eyes and saw him behind me like an owner as i saw the lust visible on my face. is this the face he enjoyed seeing every session? the lust, the pain, the forced submission?

“it’s…okay to love to fuck,” i barely make out.

“say you are a whore who loves to fuck!” he bellowed.

“i-i’m…a…whore…who loves…to fuck,” i stammered.

with that said, he let me go and released me from his control.

“welcome home grace” is all that pierced my mind. a welcome home indeed.

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glad you’re back and fucking..hope you’re well

Comment by stroker 09.28.06 @ 3:53 pm

Wow.. in my congested mind that was a lot for me to handle. What a welcome home indeed!

Comment by Pandora 09.28.06 @ 7:06 pm

Wow, rough and very intriguing ! You are SO hot !!

Comment by Aragorn 09.29.06 @ 2:28 am

stroker – i am doing pretty damn good.

pan – awww i hope you feel better.

aragorn – thank you A. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 09.29.06 @ 5:34 am

welcum home!

Comment by dirty joke sir 09.29.06 @ 7:02 am

wow that was hot. Welcome home.

Comment by NaughtyNikki 09.29.06 @ 7:23 am

After that maybe time to go away more often 😉

Comment by woodinhand 09.29.06 @ 10:21 am

Holy shit!

Comment by Chris 09.29.06 @ 7:42 pm

Your becoming a danger for me to read. You are way to much like Wind and I! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Comment by Storm Rider 09.29.06 @ 9:12 pm

I guess I’d qualify as an old perv (certainly old), but you’re quite a little hottie. Can I introduce you to my wife? I’m trying to persuade her that taking a younger man for a lover would be good for her and me, too.

Comment by Tom Paine 10.11.06 @ 5:03 pm

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