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Tuesday January 10th 2006, 9:11 pm
Filed under: Masochist,Sex

i was looking forward to a weekend of fucking and pain. sadly, hubby was actually pretty sick. yet, he did his best to entertain and please me.

my birthday night was fun, we took photos and he oiled me down pretty good. he spanked my pussy several times as he fucked me with a dildo.

the next evening was a few more photos. he managed to muster up some strength to fuck me. he first started fingering me rather well and i left a nice wet spot on the bed. as he fucked me from behind my face was right in that wet spot. i could smell my lust and feel the cold wetness on my face. i became more aroused as he pounded me. i was hoping while he was on top of me i would be able to milk his cock into my pussy. however, his sickness did get the best of him as he became a little woozy. a little later he was giving me a rather lovely spanking. i started across his lap and then he demanded that i put my ass in his face by reverse straddling him. he started spanking and spanking, i swear he did a good 30 on my ass. then he slipped his fingers into my drenched pussy as i started to grind into his hand. i came several times, it felt so good to cum for a change.

last night was another evening of oiled up photos. he was loving the poses i did for him. he really wanted to please me as he fucked me in the bathtub with a dildo. i told him i am patiently waiting for him to get better so he can eat me out. i am dying for his mouth between my legs. it has been so long…

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