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Monday July 09th 2007, 7:17 pm
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the following are my favorite thoughts from my twitter account from this past weekend:

swimming in an orgasmic sea of words that make me so light headed that i may happily drown. no one save me,i need to die from my addictions.

when i close my eyes i can hear his voice. when i hear his voice i get aroused.

there is something sexy about having your hand shoved down your panties and tight shirt shoved up over your breasts.

i want to straddle your lap, kiss those lips, push against your sex and hold on for dear life. i hate waiting for this. i ache. i fiend.

your words were in my mind, it was you touching me, it was you gripping me and it was you fucking me.

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Sex plays out in the mind. You are most definitely in tune with yours!

thank you Cherrie. it is rather consuming….almost too consuming.

Comment by Cherrie 07.09.07 @ 8:46 pm

“there is something sexy about having your hand shoved down your panties and tight shirt shoved up over your breasts.”

Very, very sexy, that. Definitely a favorite passtime.


MMmm Eve, i am glad you enjoy that too. i swear i love doing that too much. *smile*

Comment by Eve 07.09.07 @ 8:50 pm

Ok Twitter is new to me …. but oh so sexy words!

thank you Heels. *smile*

Comment by TeacherInHeels 07.09.07 @ 11:37 pm

I love that feeling. Amorphous consumes my thoughts when I am not with him.

Mina i think Amorphous always consumes your thoughts, with or without him. *wink*

Comment by Mina 07.10.07 @ 8:04 am

I have to investigate “Twitter!” Interesting. Sexy. Provocative.

Teacher i saw you on there this morning and then you disappeared…what happened?

Comment by The Teacher 07.10.07 @ 8:23 am

Reads like a delightful weekend!

it really was Tom.

Comment by Tom 07.10.07 @ 2:56 pm

“i need to die from my addictions”

Fucking yes!

Rock n Roll baby girl!!

i was wondering if anyone was going to catch that!


Comment by Chris 07.10.07 @ 8:12 pm

ohhh yes! I so know this feeling…
How is you Gracie?

Hi Shibari, i am doing well. very busy lately and very behind in reading blogs.

my running distance keeps increasing every week so it takes up more and more of my free time. for shame. but at least it is all paying off.


Comment by shibari 07.11.07 @ 8:53 am

It’s like dirty little text messaging – I like it *wink*

yes i do enjoy it. it forces me to be creative with very few characters. *smile*

Comment by dirtyboy 07.13.07 @ 5:31 pm

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