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Sunday June 24th 2007, 10:18 am
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the water ran down my aching flesh. i felt my soaked hair cling down my back my eyes were closed. i opened them and he slipped into the shower with me.

“what’s happening short stuff?”

i starred at him like a drenched puppy. he picked up the bar of soap and i turned to face the wall under the pouring water. my back arched and ass pushed outward towards him. i felt his soapy hands roam over my sore muscles. my eyes closed again, my lips parted and my hands pushed against the wall to hold me up. his hands traveled in unison on opposites sides of my body from my ass, up my hips, onward to my back, lingering at my breasts, under my arms and ending at my hands glued to the wall.

the shower head moved away from my head as he rinsed the soap from my body. one hand glided into my folds and i prayed for him to slip inside of me. i prayed and prayed, instead the shower head crept between my legs. i pushed down against it while the water stimulated my nerve endings. his free hand reached around to tug at my nipple and his mouth clamped on the flesh of my shoulder blade. i moaned as he bit down harder and growled. my body shook as his teeth dug deeper into my flesh while the shower head pushed firmer against my cunt. my knees betrayed me as my body jerked to the orgasm. my face met the wall as i caught my breath.

my hand slipped between my legs to feel the wetness and my face cracked a slight grin of satisfaction.

i laid in a bed of wetness panting with exhaustion.

“do you want to wash up?”

suck in a breath, “yess.” suck in a breath.

“look at what you did to me,” he growled when i found my way into the bathroom.

i starred at his back. i saw the indentations of my nails along with broken skin. “i am not sorry for what i did, you deserved it.”

he laughed at me as he adjusted the water in the tub. i kissed the cuts on his back and slipped into the tub. i watched him soap up a wash cloth he looked funny.

“what’s wrong?”

“i am fucking tired, you beat the shit out of me and i fucked the shit out of you.” i smiled as the washcloth traveled around his cock and balls. “we don’t have sex or make love, we fuck.”

“is that so?”


i know that is not entirely true. but i let him bask in his testosterone high.

i laid there crying after telling him i was going to come. the phone was glued to my ear. there was several moments of what felt like verbal chaos. then i heard him cum. when i heard his moans and words filling my ear i couldn’t help but shove the vibrator against my burning clit. i had to come with him, i had to because he sounded so wonderful. it lasted for so long that i wish i could have recorded his orgasm.

when the eruption of noises ceased between us i laid there legs spread panting like a cock starved slut. i was breathless and couldn’t talk. if anything i just wanted to be at his side so i could hear his heart racing back to normal.

i may be weary, but i am still hungry.

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These 3 little pieces fit together so well. All telling of the savage lust you share for each other. Lovely.

yes there is a savage lust. but not all 3 pieces were with the same man. *wink*

Comment by Eve 06.24.07 @ 2:04 pm

One word: INTENSE!

wow i got caps on that one!

thank you Teacher.

Comment by The Teacher 06.24.07 @ 3:49 pm

Very sexy!
That is why I LOVE detachable shower heads 😛

thank you Shasta. detachable shower heads are a wonderful invention.

thank you for stopping by.

Comment by Shasta Gibson 06.24.07 @ 8:05 pm

I’m headed off to have a bath and play with my bath toys! *wink*

oh i love that thought….adult bath toys! i can just see it in my head!


Comment by kitty 06.24.07 @ 8:52 pm

Whoa …. feel like I have gone a few rounds of sexual boxing here!


always glad to deliver a “one” “two” smack Heels.

Comment by TeacherInHeels 06.24.07 @ 9:26 pm

Here’s to the quest for satiation, but may we never attain it. The frustration and desire are such divine gifts.

i think that just makes life that much more interesting. if we were always sated then there would be no drive to always attain.

thank you Tom.

Comment by Tom 06.25.07 @ 5:17 am

Ohhhh my. Gracie I do believe my heart is beating a little faster… very very yummmmy

good Shibari, i love making the heart race when people read me. let’s me know i am doing something right.


Comment by shibari 06.25.07 @ 8:59 am

beautiful, beautiful blog. I had some one fun in the archives my dear. x

thank you kindly TB and welcome.

Comment by the_blonde 06.25.07 @ 4:03 pm

I was just gonna leave you with a response to your excellent close of…
“i may be weary, but i am still hungry.”,
which would have been something corny like,
“I like your hunger.” (and I still do)
Instead, after reading what you told reader WEARY,
“…but not all 3 pieces were with the same man.”,
I’m just gonna smile and say, “Dayyum!”


i am glad you liked it so much Mike.

Comment by Mike 06.25.07 @ 6:53 pm

Every time I visit here I am amazed at how sensual and erotic your imagery is. So I am taking a real chance with this: would you respond to a tag? Take a look at The Sensuous Libertine tonight. And Kitty made me do it.

Hardin, thank you for such kind words. of course i think you are buttering me up to do the tag.

i will do it…but my way of course.

*evil grin*

Comment by Hardin 06.25.07 @ 9:45 pm

Mmmmm, always hungry. I love these glimpses. Even some outside the sex. I like it.

thank you Chris. i am glad you like the tid bits.

Comment by Chris 06.26.07 @ 8:09 pm

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