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Wednesday November 22nd 2006, 3:51 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

“how many?” i ask as i stare you straight in the eyes and drape my right leg over the arm of the chair.

your eyes dart between my legs, i swing my foot at the side of your head and you grab at the side of your face hurt.

“don’t make me ask again and you know where your fucking eyes belong slut.” i sneer.

“five, grace.”

“that’s better. how bad you want it?” my hand starts to trail to the top of my pink pantie line. you know what you are missing as the swift kick to your head was worth seeing those tight panties hugging up in between my cunt lips. showing you the cunt you live for.

“badly, grace.”

your eyes are big and hurt. my eyes narrow and i start to smile out the corner of my mouth. “the only reason why you are here right now is to watch, but i want you to watch my face slut. i want you to fucking suffer like the toy you should be. gonna use you tonight for my mere pleasure and yes i know you are a goddamn slut that will somehow manage to get off in some fucked up way. but, i wanna make sure you fucking start whining and begging. got it?”

“y-yes, grace.”

my fingers trail the gap between my cunt lips. i can feel it getting wet through the thin see through fabric. “you stray from my eyes you can guarantee another kick to that goddamn face of yours.”

“yes, grace.”

“heh, you sure can be so obedient when ya wanna be.” i start to rub my clit hard through the fabric. “take everything off, i wanna see.”

“yes, grace.” your answers growing quieter as you come to the realization that your being good for five days won’t pay off tonight. “another two goddamn days” you think to yourself as your pants drop to the floor. your cock already hard as you sneak a peek at my cunt as you looked down to drop the jeans.

“kneel down and put your hands behind your back, i don’t want you touching yourself toy and i wanna see your eyes directly.”

“fucking bitch likes odd numbers” you want to murmur as you interlock your fingers behind your back.

“mmmmm look at ya hard already. goddamn i could fucking suck you off right now. would you like that?”

“y-y-yesss, grace.”

“heh, yeah that was an unfair question huh?” my fingers push aside the thin fabric and dip into my wetness. you can hear the soft slosh of my fingers parting my lips. your cock twitches.

“no, grace,” you muster.

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goddamn, grace…wanna hurt for you…thank you

mmmmm yes baby, you need to hurt for me. when you get back.

Comment by v 11.22.06 @ 4:23 am


mhm and it’s not over yet.

Comment by Pandora 11.22.06 @ 6:25 am

Grazzy has a toy, hmmmmm.

mhm i do.

Comment by Storm Rider 11.23.06 @ 2:02 pm

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