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watch me III
Monday November 27th 2006, 5:34 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

as you walk down the hallway you try to conceal the small grin. however, your grin disappears as you round the corner to see my head bobbing up and down on a cock. i look over at you entering my room and give you a grin. i toss your collar attached to a leash. you undress, attach the collar as you watch, this is a scene that you are used to. your cock hardens as you watch my ass swaying, cunt twitching as i fuck this man’s cock with my mouth. the man watches you fasten the collar as his hand moves to the back of my head and pushes it down causing me to gag. your cock twitches as you move to your position under my side of the bed.

you can hear the bed shift and the springs squeak. the noises are dull as you cock throbs. you are laying on your back on the cold wooden floor, as you shift your collar clanks. your hand moves to your cock and slowly strokes it up and down daring not to cum. the man starts to grunt through the mattress. you have to stop jerking your cock as you keenly listen to the commotion on the bed.



you push from underneath the bed as i tug your leash. you crawl to the foot of the bed as i sit there in front of you with a grin. my body is glistening with sweat and my face curls up and i spit in your face. you are startled as my thick spit hit your face.

i start to laugh, “clean yourself like a cat, pet.”

i stare at you with an evil grin daring you to shake your head no. your hand trembles as it pulls upward towards your face. you wipe a now cold glob on to your finger and bring it to your mouth. a mix of cum and my spit trails to the back of your throat. my smile grows as you wipe and lick.

“D come down here baby. i wanna my pet to watch me fuck you.” i coo starring you right in the face. you don’t stop what you are doing.

D moves his head towards the foot of the bed. his cock erect, long and thick. you cannot help but gawk at it while you try to clean off your cum spattered face. i straddle his thighs stroking his cock. “you want this baby?” i ask glaring at you. “you know i always get bi men baby, hmmm?”

you shake your head from side to side as you watch my cunt sink down on to D’s thick cock. my head throws back as i moan straining the veins in my neck. my nails grip into his stomach and now you know this is good for me. your cock is straining as it starts to leak. you watch the empty canvas of my body gliding up and down to a pure sex rhythm. my head comes down, eyes close and a curl forms on the right hand side of my mouth. i start to hiss and claw at D’s flesh. he responds with a hiss as he grabs my hips pulling me up and down. grunts fill the room as you stare in silence, you can’t even jack off as you watch the glow of my skin in the light.

“Unnnn, fuck grace!” D groans. “cum you filthy cunt.”

my eyes are squeezed tight. you only imagine what images are going through my mind. my eyes dart open as if surprised as they are intent on you. i start to smile and i come hard as D throws me on my back finishing off inside my cunt.

you are lost and a hard tug of the leash pulls you forward on to your hands and knees.

“be a good pet and clean off D,” i pant at you.

you crawl between D’s legs and take his cock into your mouth. you can taste my cunt on him and you slurp up and down several times. you take him out of your mouth and lick his length down to his balls. you start to wonder if this guy’s cock ever gets soft.

“now, clean me…pet,” i whisper.

i open my bent legs revealing a cum soaked cunt. “you should be used to the taste by now,” i sneer. “make me cum baby to get it all out.”

you nestle in and try to get the worst part over with as you take one big sweep of my slit to get the bulk of D’s thick cum from the cunt your worship. you push it down with a sour look on your face. you lick my clit hard as i push into you face. you push your tongue down into my cunt hole tongue fucking it trying to taste me instead of the cum. your nose nudging my clit on and i grab the back of your head and grind into you not caring if i break your nose.

“uhhhh uhhh, f-ffffuuuckkk!” i scream. my wetness floods your mouth as you let out a small moan to drink me up.

“goddamn pet, you are so good at cleaning me.” i twist and moan as my hand darts between my legs. i take my foot and push you back to your spot on the bed. “you can sleep down there tonight.”

you curl up at the foot of the bed as you watch two naked bodies passed out. your cock still hard, you know the rules…no jacking off at the foot of the bed.

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yes, grace…i’ll clean his cock and wish it was yours that hits the back of my throat…i’ll lick your cunt and wish it was mine…servitude, you said

-your slut

mmhmm servitude baby.

we keep feeding off each other like a pair of demons. to the bone, to the bone.

Comment by v 11.27.06 @ 6:12 am

Another wonderful read.. Grace… and you are correct.. the only person I have to fear is myself. How far would I go? Honestly gracie .. I don’t know.. I don’t know what I am truly capable of. I’ve never thought about it before. I’d like to find out.

my dear pan, i would absolutely love testing those limits. i bet you go far.

Comment by Pandora 11.27.06 @ 8:44 pm

Wow. This sentence fucking floored me: “you watch the empty canvas of my body gliding up and down to a pure sex rhythm.” Fucking beautiful, fucking hot. I loved this window into your sex. You two truly have intensity.

mmmm thank you for picking out that line, it just flowed from my finger tips.


Comment by Chris 11.28.06 @ 2:37 am

she’s incredible…i’m proud to be her slut.

flatterer, what did i say about that?

Comment by v 11.28.06 @ 7:05 am

Gracie I’m sure with you to guide me… I would 🙂


Comment by Pandora 11.28.06 @ 7:10 am

Sooo fucking hot… and i like it nasty hot… i particularly loved the torturous ending.. well, for pet (to whom i identify). Most tasty: shoving him away with your foot, casually. Delicious.

i am glad you enjoyed that toy.

Comment by His toy 12.01.06 @ 3:14 am

What do you do with such a good pet? Reward it, discard it, or loan it out?

Comment by princess 12.01.06 @ 5:23 pm

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