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watch me II
Saturday November 25th 2006, 6:23 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

my eyes narrow almost closed and i watch you cock bobbing up and down like a fishing lure. i know that is your way of trying to get some attention. i smirk at your attempted seduction. two finger push inside my wet cunt and i groan in my throat. i keep my eyes locked on you. i want you to look away, i want you to fail, i want to fucking hurt you. my lips curl into a wicked grin as i drape my left leg over the arm of the chair. i pushed the fabric over exposing my cunt openly to you. my way of trying to get you to look away. my other hand reaches for my nipple as i tug on it. i start to arch my back as i finger fuck my cunt. the sounds are more obvious and the sweet scent grows heavy in our tight circle.

“uhhhhh fuck.”

i see your eyes starting to shift. you are about to lose it. i want you to lose baby, i wanna hurt you. i start to pant and grunt as my wet fingers move to my hardened clit. my eyes are squinting shut but i can still see you. you can’t take it any longer and quickly your eyes dart down. my right leg swifts so quickly to your head that i throw off balance.

“you fucker! what did i tell you?” i hiss. “i thought i told you to keep your goddamn slutty eyes on mine!”

you lay there grabbing your head starring me in the eyes as you see stars. my face is a blur. “i-i’m sorry grace, please forgive me.”

“get back in place you piece of shit,” i snarl. “i need to come and you are not helping this any.”

“y-yes, grace.” as you quickly shift into place.

“take my panties off. keep your eyes on mine or i am gonna blind fold you and that is after i beat the living shit out of you.”

“yes, grace.”

your head is ringing with a constant throb. you dare not drift your eyes from my cold stare. i chant in my head for you to fuck up. i want you to fuck up. i sit there with a curl in my lip as your hands delicately fall on to my hips and move downward to find my pantie line. i can tell you are trying to savor the soft skin at your finger tips as you find the fabric and start to pull them downward. you lean forward with your eyes locked as you pull them past the knee and down to the ankle. i barely lift my legs from the floor to let you detach them from me.

“now, i want you to put them in your mouth slut.”

you ball the small bit of fabric in your hand and push them into your mouth. a small groan is trapped in your throat as you taste my cunt on your tongue. you made sure to assemble the fabric so the wet part would lay on your tongue.

“you are such a slut, i don’t know what to do with you at times.” i drape both legs over the arms of my chair as my hand pushes back to my wet cunt. “hmmmm, stick your tongue out and i don’t care if you gag on my panties.”

you push your tongue out between your lips as the panties push back into the back of your mouth and almost in your throat. you start to clear your throat trying to adjust.

“lick my clit and you better keep those eyes on me, got it?”

you nod your head up and down. as you bend forward searching for my clit.

“by the way, you look absolutely ridiculous,” i snicker.

your tongue starts to flick at my clit. i grab the back of your head and grind into your tongue. “close your eyes,” i moan. your eyes close as you focus on the smell since you cannot taste my clit. my hard clit rubs up and down your hard tongue and the motion is getting fast and hard. i start to grunt as i grab and yank your hair.

“sssssssssss, fffuuckkk!” i slur as i flood the chair and come against your tongue.

i push you flat on the floor. “goddamn slut. open your eyes.”

you open your eyes and stare at the ceiling.

“get up on your knees again and take my panties out of your mouth.”

your hand reaches into the back of your mouth to pull out the balled up wet fabric. i push two fingers into my come soaked cunt.

“come here and suck my fingers baby.” i placed my fingers upright from my wet cunt. “yeah baby, come here and suck my cock. do it like a bitch baby.”

you inch forward and place one hand on the base of my hand as your mouth sinks both my fingers inside. your head bobs up and down as your tongue laps at my fingers inside of your mouth. you are sucking every bit of my come off my fingers. your eyes looking up at me round and innocent. i can feel the moans in your throat vibrating on to my clit. i throw my head back as you start to suck faster and harder.

“finger fuck me as you suck my cock baby” i groan.

you don’t hesitate as you push in two fingers in and out quickly at the same speed you are sucking me off.

“unnnnn fuck, gonna cummm b-babyyy.” i slur.

i start to buck against you as my cunt floods your invading fingers.

“uhhhhhhh ssshhhit!” i scream as it all hits me at once. i kick you away as my body jerks and convulses. i start to laugh as i start to come down. “mmmmmm fuck, that was good.”

you lay on the ground looking up at me almost hurt. “heh, you look like a little dog right now. ok, you can get dressed and go home.” i grab my robe and pull it over my shoulders. “you can keep the panties, i don’t want them after they have been in your mouth. oh and don’t think this is your punishment for that little stunt you pulled a few weeks back. i just needed to get off.” i pull my robe loosely over the front of my body and walk off.

you start to pull your clothes on over your raging and leaking hardon. “fucking bitch,” you mutter under your breath. after you pull your shirt over your head you stare down at the wade of fabric on the floor. you bend down to pick up the black wade and you push them deep into your jeans.

“hey,” i yell from what sounds like the bedroom.

“yes, grace?” you answer.

“i changed my mind. i want you to sleep under my bed tonight.”

“yes grace.” you smile as you head towards my bedroom gripping the panties in your pocket and your hardon at the same time.

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You are so wickedly good to your slaves!

not slaves, love…my sluts.

yes, i am wickedly good to them.

Comment by pandora 11.25.06 @ 6:49 pm

Oh my! My bad.. I did mean sluts and I wrote slaves! Hmmm what am I lusting? lol šŸ˜‰


i can always spank you later.

Comment by pandora 11.25.06 @ 8:30 pm

A delicious power dynamic. So much tension and control. Love it.

yes…he loves it as much as i do. we fit together dangerously well.

Comment by Chris 11.25.06 @ 9:08 pm

heheheh Gracie.. you can spank me now, later, whenever.. I will always be sure to “slip up” just so I can get that extra attention šŸ˜‰

mmmm then bend over pan, lemme beat you till you come.

Comment by pandora 11.25.06 @ 9:12 pm

oh my Gracie… the very thought excites and scares me. I would put myself in your hands and trust that you give me what I need.

i have not disappointed anyone yet love. the only thing you should be afraid of…is yourself. how far would you go?

Comment by Pandora 11.26.06 @ 1:38 am

love the intensity Gracie, has me shifting in my chair, and picturing it at the same time, then there’s the hot factor. Smouldering girl!

thank you A. V is such a great muse for this kind of writing. we feed off of each other dangerously.

Comment by Anastasia 11.26.06 @ 1:50 am

fuck grace, yes…you know that i love it…i want to sleep under your bed…to have you pull your toy out when you’re bored…use me, grace

mmmmm, yes baby. in due time.

you don’t know how bad i wanna hurt ya.

i want you to hurt for me.

yelp, whine and whimper.

Comment by v 11.26.06 @ 4:28 am

Mmmm… your intensity is absolutely divine! How could anyone not imagine this happening to/with them!

Shit, Gracie, fucking hot… again….

i enjoy how you (and v) show us how far YOU would go…

thank you very much.

i am glad we can give you some enjoyment.

Comment by His toy 11.26.06 @ 3:01 pm

Shear lustful evil, I do enjoy it so.

mmhmm, i am glad you enjoy it.

Comment by woodinhand 11.26.06 @ 10:49 pm


thank you.

Comment by Seduction Student 01.15.07 @ 8:56 pm

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