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Wednesday November 23rd 2005, 9:35 pm
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He is out doing producing, I am at home, I get ready and I wait patiently.

He comes home and he wants to take some pictures of me. I think I am already wet. I do the little poses and I lay on that padded table in front of the television in the living room. I grow tired and he sits back on the couch as I lay on the table. I wait…

He turns down the lights and I lay there on my back expecting at any moment he would violate my orifices. I wait…

He tells me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. He wants to just touch me. I am okay with that. He touches my clit ever so softly, such a change from our usual encounters. I am drenched wet by now and I want him so bad. I want him to do bad things to me, I want him to make me scream, I want him to make me squeal, I want him to hurt me. I wait…

He keeps rubbing my clit every so lovely. I squirt and gush out wetness. I am so hot and I feel this sensation growing within. He stares at my body like a work of art as he pleases me. I feel so tortured inside, will he just be nice to me tonight? I wait…

I start to cum and my back arches up as I heave with pleasure. I can feel the wetness beneath me. He says I have not been that wet since we were kids. He tells me to turn over as he leaves the room and I wait…

He comes back and my eyes are closed as I recover from my first orgasm. He parts my legs and inserts a dildo in my pussy and the butt plug in my ass. I know now the mood is going to change. He starts to smack my ass as he works my pussy. I am groaning and moaning with satisfaction. I am getting what I want, what I need…what I have been waiting for. He tells me he is going to fill all my holes and he walks to my face and shoves his hard cock in my mouth. I squeeze my legs together tight. Yes, all holes have been filled and I cum so hard that I grip the table with all my might.

I lay there as the television goes back on. I like to be his fixture as he watches TV and jacks off. I know he is watching the glow of the light hit my skin. I know he is staring at my ass as it illuminates. He is watching me and I like it.

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This just makes me want to sing.


why thank you. is that good or bad?


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