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wait with glisten
Sunday August 06th 2006, 10:19 am
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it started with rather raunchy text messages before i left for work thursday.  
“you are a whore”
“i want to oil you up and rape your pussy and ass”
it was in my nature to respond with smart remarks.
“so, i know that”
“i wish you would”
he did not like that and replied with, “i warned you about your sassy tone bitch”.
i replied with, “good then rape me”.
i ended this text session by sending him a topless shot of me in my jeans.
no peep out of him till he got off of work. he called me on his way home instructing me to do the following:
1. lay out all the toys for his easy access
2. lay down old blankets on the bed
3. light candles so he can see appropriately
4. wait for him in a red thong when he calls me when he is on his way home
i prepared the room, laid out the toys, laid down the blankets and lit the candles. i bathed, shaved and lotioned up. i was sitting in front the of the computer looking at porn and feeling my wetness coming from my cunt. at one point i reached down just to see how wet i was and i sat there or several seconds rubbing my creamy wetness. i always loved being a good consistency of wetness, it just felt so much better on my clit. he had called me and i went into the room and laid face down in the center of the bed with my legs spread. i glanced back at my legs and they were shining in the candle light. i knew he would find this pleasing to his eyes to see my legs and ass glistening in the low light.  
he walked in and took his time before he even advanced on me. i waited without saying a word and in anticipation. he grabbed my ass and slapped it hard. he paced between each cheek giving me a rather forceful punishment. i knew i was drenching my thong and i had no idea what was in store for me.  

his fingers pushed my thong aside, rubbed up and down the slit of my cunt, rubbing my clit and teasing my hole. i wanted his fingers inside of me so badly. he continued rubbing up and down and he slipped a finger in once and went back to rubbing. my ass jutted upwards when he inserted his finger. he randomly stuck in a finger once and went back to rubbing. i thought i was going to lose it. this motion went on for several minutes.

i feel liquid splash on my back and his hand spreading with a slippery motion. i feel more and now know it is baby oil being massaged briskly on my back, ass and legs. he comments on the shine and how it pleases him to have me like this.

pushing in my large butt plus i groan and pant. he first pulls me to his cock and he fucks me for a few minutes working me open. abruptly he pulls out and replaces his cock with my large dildo. i can feel it opening me all the way to accommodate the intrusion. i clenched this cock as he forced it in and out of my cunt. he threw my vibrator at me and told me to work my clit with it. i rub and i rub the the vibrator on my clit and i can feel the dildo working in and out while at times slipping from my tight cunt. i push hard on my clit fucking this man with a huge cock, i come violently swinging my head upward and releasing a loud groan. i fell on to my back panting and gasping.

he was not done with me, but i could not handle any more. he made me swallow my pride and blurt out the safe word if i wanted to stop. i was rather surly that he made me do it, but i did because i felt so spent and exhausted.

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Mmm.. Yet another lovely dildo session… So, sexy (and so well written).

I can just imagine you lying there with your butt plug & dildo…

Perhaps one day you’ll add a photo to the article *wink*

Bises Dirty.

Comment by dirty thirties 08.06.06 @ 11:24 am

Butt plug and dildo are so much fun but yes they totally whack you out.

We had a very heavy frantic session last week and I was also forced to stop it. J is still teasing me endlessly about it!

Comment by Jemima 08.06.06 @ 2:31 pm

I’ll admit, this gave me wood, but I’ve never been in that kind of a situation. Just reading about your wet pussy was enough for me!

Comment by Pyrhonik 08.06.06 @ 5:16 pm

So wonderful… what a pleasing night to have.. I must have some of those!

Comment by Pandora 08.06.06 @ 5:52 pm

dirty – thank you. i do appreciate when someone says well written when i believe i have the worst grammar out there. perhaps a photo may accompany a story. when you are in that kind of moment i don’t want him to stop to take a photo. *laughs*

jemima – i think you two have some naughtiness about you that i find utterly delicious. i am glad E has not mentioned me saying the safe word…yet. we have been having hectic schedules all weekend.

pyrhonik – mmmmmm. so you just let you wood sit there? *wink*

pandora – yes, you should so i can read about them. all though i am quite addicted to your current writings. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 08.06.06 @ 9:37 pm

Holy fuck!
The ideal girl: addicted, aggressive, bitch, deviant, exhibitionist, evil, masochist, nympho, sexual, submissive, surly and then some.


Comment by MORALLY DIMINISHED 08.07.06 @ 12:01 am

Really enjoying your blog… first time reading it, so I’ll be back!

I really admire your “About me” profile.

Comment by Banana Boy 08.07.06 @ 12:32 am

What a hot adventure!

Comment by naughtynympho 08.07.06 @ 7:54 am

Sounds like an excellent time. I’m glad he satisfies you well!

Comment by Mr. Husbland 08.07.06 @ 4:31 pm

your writing is wonderful, you dirty, dirty, girl, love it , buh-bye!

Comment by Raven 08.07.06 @ 8:07 pm

u really know what yr mood wants !

Comment by kindabiz 08.08.06 @ 12:32 am

Thanks for the morning eye-opener. 😉

Comment by LustDemon 08.08.06 @ 6:37 am

morally diminished – perhaps to some i could be. *wink*

naughty nympho – thank you. *smile*

mister bland – yes, he does his very best to please.

raven – awww thank you!

kindabiz – i know, but do you know?

lustdemon – mmmm good eyes open helps. *wink*

Comment by Gracie 08.08.06 @ 11:38 am

gracie – that was fabulous!
i recently got a larger dildo and it certainly takes a lot out of me.

Comment by single gal 08.08.06 @ 9:39 pm

ps – the text messages were one of my favourite parts! luv it!

Comment by single gal 08.08.06 @ 9:40 pm


Comment by dirty joke sir 08.09.06 @ 8:06 am

single gal – why thank you. i always enjoy it when he texts me. it means he is sitting there thinking of me and wanting me.

dirty joke sir – thanks!

Comment by Gracie 08.09.06 @ 3:54 pm

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