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wait no more
Tuesday August 01st 2006, 7:46 am
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i had been moping around the house all morning. i laid in bed next to E while he was still asleep. i was just in a thong, he woke up and groped my breast. he soon got up and i thought he was going to give me my much needed attention. i laid in bed waited…waited and i heard him on the phone. he got side tracked and i got frustrated. i threw on some sweats and a tank top and proceeded to clean up the kitchen. E soon followed behind me, pulled me in front of him, pinched my nipples and told me to get in the bedroom. he smacked my ass as i went to leave.

i stripped everything down and laid on my stomach. E came in, grabbed  at my ass and started spanking.

“i am going to punish you for being moody last night” he said as he spanked my ass. i just squirmed in approval.

moments later i heard the snap of latex gloves and i knew it was going to be a good session. ass in the air and my arms outreached before me, he took his finger and rubbed it up and down the outline of my slit. i was already wet and he pushed a finger in to my tightness. i almost lost it feeling him inside of me. he pushed in another finger and it burned as he was opening me up. i feel lube dripping on my ass down to my cunt. in goes the vibrator into my ass and E expresses his liking as it slips in with not too much squirming from me. he then pushes in a dildo inside my cunt and fucks me violently. he starts to spank my ass with his free hand as he is working me over. he is telling me how much of a slut i am and how i enjoy cocks too much. i am hungry and uncontrollable yet he demands i stay still and behave. he takes a belt to my ass and whips me till nice red welts appear. i feel i have jumped over the edge and i am trying to control myself. he pushes my face into the bed, he wants to hear muffles, not my groaning.

E pulls the dildo from my cunt and works in two fingers while immediately hitting my g-spot. i lose it and i am fucking his fingers as i can feel the vibrator slowly slipping out of my ass as i am contracting my cunt. out slips the vibrator and in shoves a butt plug. E rubs his cock up and down before slipping it inside of me. he grabs my hips and thrusts in to me while admiring the butt plug. i savor his cock plunging in and out as sensations are shooting through my body. my hand darts for my clit and i rub while E continues to fuck me like the whore that i am. he pulls my hair to position my face as if i was sucking a cock while he fucked me. as i am rubbing myself i can feel E’s cock slip out against my finger tips. i am drenched and he lets me fuck the air as i am about to come. he stands by and watches while slapping my ass. i feel it slowly creeping, that orgasm that i have been needing so much. it is teasing me and i am rather surprised that it does not hit sooner. suddenly it hits with intensity and my fingers are saturated. E pushes his cock back inside of me and i lose it. he enjoys the extreme tightness after i come. i scream into the bed as he uses me.

pulling out of me he lays on the bed in front of me.

“come suck my cock bitch” he said. i crawled over to him and started licking the tip.

“i want you ass in the air!” he barked, while gripping and pulling my ass upwards.

in a worshipping stance i licked my sweetness from his cock.

“all the way in” he demanded. my mouth engulfed his cock and i could really taste my cunt on him. i licked my tongue while sucking him off. up and down while taking his full length hitting the back of my throat. it was obvious he was getting off on this as he was rock hard. it was delicious.

since E has his own sexual deviancies, he pulled me off of his cock. we went about our day casually talking about how much of a slut i am, the blogs that i have been reading and making a laundry list of the toys we wanted.

i am not going to say it was well worth the wait, i hate waiting. anticipation is one thing, waiting too long is another.

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Excellent story Gracie. I was delighted to hear you came with such force.

This made me quite hard as I imagined removing that butt plug and slowly forcing my hard cock into your tight little ass……

I wanted to feel you cum as you stimulated yourself, feel your ass constrict around my firmness as you exploded…..


Comment by Anonymous 08.01.06 @ 7:40 pm

mm Gracie, your accounts of the sessions you two share always makes me go mad with desire. every single time, by the second or third sentence, I can always feel my own cunt tightening up with anticipation… you’re amazing

Comment by anonym 08.01.06 @ 7:53 pm

mmm overland you are so naughty. when are you going to write something for me to read?

anonym – just knowing you are getting off makes me know it is all worth writing. you are too delicious.

Comment by Gracie 08.01.06 @ 8:43 pm

anonym – btw, yes i can chat through google, i figured it all out yesterday. *wink* xxgraciebabyxx

Comment by Gracie 08.01.06 @ 8:45 pm

Yes.. that is definately worth the wait! Lucky you!

Comment by Pandora 08.01.06 @ 9:28 pm

u do this to me everytime ……

u torture me so slowly and casually …..

u heat me up so very much …. that i have to get into a rage …..

damn me

Comment by kindabiz 08.02.06 @ 4:10 am

pandora – *smile*

kindabiz – good, it is nice to have that effect on the human body with just words. amazing isn’t?–>

Comment by Gracie 08.03.06 @ 4:01 pm

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