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Sunday January 21st 2007, 11:54 am
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i wasn’t sure why he was here. i forced a smile and he gave me a long hug. the last time i had seen him i had gotten so mad at him and it consumed my mind for days to follow. we were in the grocery store and started to dance with flirtation. i would be down an aisle and he would find me and brush up ever so slightly behind me. when he did this my body would crawl and flush with this unspoken desire. this couldn’t be him acting this way towards me. this cat and mouse chase happens all the way home.

moments later…

laying on a bed he is beside me. i am wearing a long tight dress and i know beneath is all black. my dress is hiked up to my thighs barely covering my panties. i feel his hand on my thighs and he wants to push between them to trace my pantie line. i won’t let him through and my legs are locked tight. i am afraid of what’s happening. my breath is quickening and my body shaking with this lust for him. i can hear his voice in my ear seducing me and i am literally fighting the whore in me from opening my legs to him. his hand pushes up my dress to graze the hidden black panties. i gasp at his touch and his seduction. this can’t be happening.

before i know it…

my dress is off and my panties are still on. he pushes me against the shower wall and my head hits the tile as my hands were too slow to catch myself.

“you are going to take this,” he hisses in my ear. “whether you are ready or not.”

i know i am ready as i gasp on the cold tile. i know when he pushes my panties to the side i am already wet. his finger push aside my panties and i can feel his finger tips sneaking a touch. i start to claw at tile trying to climb my way out. i feel him push inside of me from behind and i literally jerk myself awake thrusting my ass against this imaginary cock.

my heart is racing and my body is crawling with this forbidden desire. my hand goes between my legs to cup my cunt. i am not sure if i wanted to be real…fucking E’s friend.

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That is a vivid dream. Vivid and slightly forbidden I think. I have very vivid sex dreams, and the interpretations are endless. Our subconsciouses are deep and mysterious places where there are no rules or boundaries. They are where we are the most free.

mmmmm very true. i was pretty conflicted when i was awake in reality. it felt so real, so intense and so right.

Comment by Chris 01.21.07 @ 2:12 pm

Apparently I am not the only Bad Girl around here. Beautifully written. I love hearing your desire.

well of course not…Bad Bad Girl was already taken. *wink*

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.21.07 @ 3:52 pm


thank you Seeker.

Comment by Seeker 01.21.07 @ 6:14 pm

Was it a dream..or a premonition? Hmmmmm

oh i am pretty sure that is a dream TF.

Comment by The Fury 01.21.07 @ 8:36 pm

I can feel your desire here. That breathless need. beautiful.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.21.07 @ 8:37 pm

If you do it, you have to kick him in the balls after…..for me. šŸ˜‰


i knew you were going to say that.

i miss you.

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 01.22.07 @ 7:52 am

heavy breathing over here…. such a lovely tale to come back to.

thank you pan, nice to see you back!

Comment by Pandora 01.22.07 @ 8:36 pm

There is something so very confronting about waking next to your partner, with your body contorted in spasms and your cunt soaking wet from dreaming about fucking his friend.

mmmmm yes. i even told E about it later on that evening. he didn’t seem too shocked. heh.

Comment by peony 01.23.07 @ 5:04 pm

Aren’t dreams a delight? Where else can you see the depths of your subconscious bubble to the surface, exposing random snippets of thoughts and secret desires to disjointed review?

Or is it preview?

I seldom remember dreams for long, often not past that place between sleeping and waking. The ones I do are usually worthy of mention, if only there were some place one could mention such, such…

well this dream was not a preview. that is something i couldn’t do. but i won’t say never either.

Comment by J 01.24.07 @ 8:47 am

Hi Gracie

Im back! Made a stupid mistake whilst moving my blog, but it’s sorted now. More pictures for your pleasure will be arriving daily!

That’s a really horny story – you almost write it from a man’s point of view. I love the thought of pulling your knickers to the side and feeling you cum on my fingers.

Please visit my blog!

Jeremy xx

JEREMY! i am so glad you are back! thank you for sending me my favorite picture too. you are too good to me.


Comment by Jeremy 01.24.07 @ 1:35 pm

Been there many times! Fantsasies are the stuff to charge our desires.

yes yes!

Comment by Jemima 01.24.07 @ 4:05 pm

Holy… and i thought i had a wicked, wicked dream the other night. Your desire is so delectably tangible i can practically taste it. i held my breath through every single paragraph. Your writing is just awesome. i need to catch up…

it is nice to see you back toy. i have a ton of catching up to do myself. people need to slow down!


Comment by His toy 01.24.07 @ 5:36 pm

Can’t blame you for that dream.
Thanks for stopping by my new blog.


yeah cuz you know what HE looks like. *wink* mmmmmmm.

i do love that new blog. you feisty bitches you!

Comment by RaesSecret 01.24.07 @ 5:37 pm

We dream alike you and I šŸ˜•

Ever wonder if you were born basically bad or basically good?

i know i was born basically….BAD.

Comment by pyrhonik 01.24.07 @ 9:57 pm

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