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Saturday December 09th 2006, 6:51 pm
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“what a fucking idiot!” spews from my lips as i lock the door. “why is it so goddamn hard to find a guy to play along?” i walk back to the room in a whirl and you sit there with quiet eyes and a raging hardon. “lay on the ground.”


“oh shut up V, i don’t have time for that shit right now.”

you lay on your back and feel a ting of fear on your skin as the rage on my face has surfaced and it looks rather nasty to you. you watch as i throw off my robe and not look you in the face. you cock throbs as you lay so still to not stir my anger even more.

i stand with you body between my legs and this curl in my lip that won’t go away. i lower down on your cock and you gasp. “shut up V!” my eyes close and my nails dig into your stomach as i thrust up and down on your cock. i dig and pull your flesh till the blood starts to get sticky on my finger tips. i bring my middle finger to my lips and suck. you jerk at the sight and fight with every urge to not cum inside of me.


“goddammit V shut the fuck up!” i hiss. my eyes still closed and face twisted with anger. my head throws back as i ride in need. almost there…so close. you want to grip my hips, but this is not the time for that.

in a sweeping motion i hover down over your face with my eyes boring into you. your face is startled as you jerk in fear and my hands close around your neck. this, you have never witnessed before as my eyes have never been so dark glaring at you.

the tone was controlled and clear, “you think i forgot about that night V?” you know exactly which one i speak of and you can’t even gulp as your eyes start to bulge and your face redden. “you see how fucking long it took me to calm down from that slut?” the grip gets tighter as my cunt still  moves up and down on your cock. “at this point cunt, i could fucking kill you i have so much goddamn rage in me. wanna die with your cock in my cunt?” i can feel your cock jerk inside of me. “such a fucking goddamn slut.”

the blood being cut from your brain makes you dizzy and i can see it in your eyes. i slap your face with my hand as i move harder up and down on you. my teeth are clenched as your eyes start to water. your mouth parts as you try to bargain with me, your hands start to move to my wrists to fight for your life.


“my game, my rules!” i spit into your face. “FUCK!” i start to come, jerking on top of you as i start to squeeze harder around your neck as the rage storms out of my body and around your throat. your hands start to slap at my arms to let you go. my grip gets tighter as i feel you cum and your body goes limp.

i pull off of you starring at lifeless body. “well, i guess you don’t stay hard after all. maybe next time i really fucking kill ya.” i walk away to shower as your chest rises and falls.

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sometimes, i really think that you could. i know that you want, Grace. that’s your ulimate – to fuck me when i’m dead. goddamn.

uh huh, i do.

Comment by vslut 12.09.06 @ 9:04 pm

Such rage. Such control. Passionate and blinding. Intense. You two toy with the extremes so much, shove violently at the limits. It’s raw and exciting.

mmmm thank you chris.

Comment by Chris 12.10.06 @ 12:56 am

mmm…it’s almost impossible to describe properly…She’s an addiction…She always demands a little bit from me and i from Her

couldn’t describe it any better baby…two sluts that give and take from one another. huh?

Comment by vslut 12.10.06 @ 4:53 am

There seems to be a bit of rage going around lately. *wink* I love the new banner, so sexy and sensual.


yes, mina…rage. thank you.

Comment by mydesire 12.10.06 @ 4:22 pm

Rampant rage. Who is the one that really hurts in the aftermath, you or him?

Nice header, too.


Comment by Liras 12.10.06 @ 7:44 pm

I love it, oozing blood and cum at the same time. Hell of a good way to go, I think.

yes Al, and what are you doing on the dark side? *wink* nice to see you stopped by.

Comment by Al Sensu 12.11.06 @ 12:48 am

My timidity stifles me.


Comment by Tom 01.20.07 @ 7:59 pm

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