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under the influence…
Sunday May 06th 2007, 11:21 pm
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so bunny and i are rather…ummmmm under the influence of a substance and we come up with this rather at the time…brilliant idea:

“gracie’s haunted house of bras”

i will let your minds go wild with that one.

i think we were going to charge a 100 bucks and do it around halloween. it all seemed “fitting” at the time.

Note: i am so horny it is ridiculous. the last few orgasms i have had have been rather vocal and loud. all been by myself in the house. that is so pathetic.

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I’m not sure that pathetic is the appropriate adjective. Unless, by “pathetic,” you mean “sexy.”

Comment by Tom 05.07.07 @ 5:39 am

Haunted house of bras. I like it. I can only imagine the substance that birthed that one. 🙂

Comment by Chris 05.07.07 @ 8:45 pm

what a delicious idea from which to start. as always my evil muse comes through.

but would the house the bras in be haunted, or would the bras? Haunted friendly, for fun or for evil? One person’s bras, or many people’s bra?

i’ll have to let this idea stew in my back brain and see what drips out. perhaps another tale to spin for you G, now that “simple tales” nears its end…

Comment by silence up2nogood 05.11.07 @ 7:15 pm

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