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Tuesday July 31st 2007, 9:39 pm
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when i think of him i first think of his voice in my ear and then my mind immediately drifts to the gutter…his cock.

he is next on my list and i am anxious. i wonder what his cock feels lick slipping slowly between my lips for the first time. i think about constantly what his bare cock would feel like pushing its way into my wetness.

will he dig his long fingers inside of me?

will it be electric when our mouths touch?

will he devour me in one failed sweep to the point where my knees buckle and fail me completely?

will he claim my flesh as he has already claimed my mind?

naked flesh pressed tightly with a slight sheen of sweat. speaking in a language of moans and grunts. when he hits that spot, fuck, that spot will i cry or just cry out?

i want to hold on for dear life as i feel my back is hovering over the edge. will he let me fall or tumble downward with me?

i need the aggression, i need the dominance and mostly i need his mind wrapping around mine like a cocoon of lust.

i hope he talks filthy to me…right in my ear:

so i can hang on to each syllable,

so i can get wetter and wetter,

so i can react with ragged breath,

so my skin bumps like a rough terrain downward to my toes,

so my eyes can roll backward into my skull.

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Oh, yes. The first time holds so much promise. I hope your fantasies are fulfilled.


Comment by Eve 08.01.07 @ 5:06 am

Delicious. Those first encounters hold so many possibilities. Thise words… those sweet lustful words can send me over the edge as well.

Comment by Mina 08.01.07 @ 7:46 am

Oh! Isn’t the anticipation such a rush? All of the beautiful imagry your mind plays out for you… I hope the encounter goes well.

Comment by the Sexpot 08.01.07 @ 10:17 am

gracie- i love how you mind works….how it drifts to the gutter and wonders about all of those what ifs….the mental…meeting the physical….all highly sexual and arousing as all hell! yum.


Comment by darkpixie 08.01.07 @ 3:45 pm

Mmmmmm, important questions.

Comment by Chris 08.01.07 @ 6:09 pm

Hi Gracie … I wish I had found your blog months ago; now I have a sense of what I’ve been missing out on. Fantastic erotica!

Comment by engrailed 08.01.07 @ 6:31 pm

I hope that all you desire makes it to reality!

Comment by Me 08.02.07 @ 7:31 am

Gosh, I hope his cock isn’t in the gutter…could get run over!

Comment by Al Sensu 08.02.07 @ 6:35 pm

This impels me to do filthy things.

Comment by Tom 08.03.07 @ 5:48 am

Nothing to do with this post. But your famous now. My mum just saw your blog mentioned in one of her mags and started squealing. Don’t think the bible study group will look at us the same way again. Going back to lurking now but mum and me love your blog.

Comment by Joy 08.03.07 @ 1:03 pm

mmmm… I love it when you’re this lustful, this aroused – such a gorgeous post xx

Comment by dirtyboy 08.04.07 @ 4:45 am

I’m now required to do naughty things with myself hoping that you’ll hear it all..

Comment by NC 08.06.07 @ 9:23 am

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