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Saturday May 26th 2007, 11:30 am
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i am in my safe haven, the one place that i always find solace. my eyes were heavy as my head rested against the cold porcelain tub and wall. i closed my eyes and let the heat soak away the pain in my muscles. the water felt like a soft velvet against my skin. i heard him come in the room, kneel by the tub and grab the soap. without any thought my ass rises out of the water to allow him access. his soapy hand ran from my ass to my cunt and back over and over. his fingers would graze in every crevice and it always leaves me wondering at what point will he push a finger inside of me or will he?

i always shudder and clench when his fingers slip past the folds of my cunt. i wonder if he can feel me swell with lust, i wonder if his finger tips can feel the difference between the wetness seeping out of me and the water and soap combination. if he decides not to touch me is it because he knows i want it so bad and he wants to tease me. he always seems to catch me off guard with an immediate plunging of two fingers deep inside of me as he rubs at my g-spot rupturing the water in the tub to a violent storm. my head presses harder into the tub as my knuckles turn white gripping at the edge.

that lustful rage that grows inside of me makes me thrust against his push as i want to envelope his hand deep inside of me. like a trigger i am a starving beast that cannot get her fill, the need constantly builds stronger as i keep thrusting back against his push. my teeth clench and i hiss through with a slight growl. the waves jump from the tub and i am far from being sated. i am far from being complete. my body has reverted to such a primal state of two words “fuck me”. that is all that chants inside of brain like a broken record that is gradually speeding faster on the turn table.

“fuck me”

“fuck me”

“fuck me”

my ass is higher in the air as my head lowers near the splashing water. grunts fill my throat as i push back harder and harder against his hand.

“turn over”

i rush to get on my back as he yanks his pants down getting in the tub and thrusting between my legs. i grip his back with my nails and find his shoulder with my teeth. i leverage my leg out of the tub and poise the other on the edge against the wall.

“fuck me”

“fuck me”

“fuck me”

my teeth close against his thick skin as he snarls at me. i feel his cock force inside of me matching my primal need to scratch this dying itch. his teeth run up and down my neck roughly and i can feel his edges scraping at my flesh. that building need starts to change as i feel my orgasm mounting me and changing the winds of direction. my legs tense and lock as the water flows in crevices and around flesh. i watch the muscles in his shoulders strain to fuck me to completion and right when i come my nails dig deeper into his back causing him to hiss at me. i see colors, i feel weightless and i try to catch my breath. all of a sudden i feel i am back to a complex reality of many colors, words and thoughts.

at times i much prefer the primal mode of just “fuck me”.

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thank you for the boundaries you push. the life you share.
thank you for being my muse. may I live up to your expectation.

my S, you always live to expectation.

i am blushing that i am your muse.


Comment by silence 05.26.07 @ 1:26 pm

I found you from a link at Bad Bad Girl’s blog. I will be sure and stop by often. Feel free to come over and visit me also. If you like, I’ll add you!

thank you for stopping by. i enjoyed reading through several of your entries.


Comment by Torn Shorts 05.26.07 @ 3:04 pm

Wow Gracie …. so completely wonderful …. sometimes you just need to say “fuck me” …. ok need some water now ….lol.

you are so cute Teacher. hmmmm i already have one Teacher commenting. what shall i nickname you? *wink*

Comment by TeacherInHeels 05.27.07 @ 8:27 am

You are such a delicious obsession. I love it with it’s “bathtime.”

mmmm thank you B.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 05.27.07 @ 9:08 am

I always said FUCK ME! to my bf too ^^
damn nice!

thank you wink.

the post does look i said “fuck me”, but really that is what was chanting in my mind. heh, i am a bad writer! lol.

Comment by wink 05.27.07 @ 11:40 am

my mind and body wait impatiently for your next post. if the rest of Women-Hood understood the pleasured of desire and lust, we would all be in a state of happiness and peace.
Truely a gifted writer. Keep up the great work.
Next …….


hello Dan thank you for stopping by and commenting.

i am all for happiness and peace.

a new post is coming very soon.


Comment by Dan (Closet Romantic) 05.28.07 @ 5:33 am

Mmmm primal needs are fantastic!

yes, it is sweet mina.

Comment by Mina 05.29.07 @ 4:03 pm

I know those two words well. They blot out everything. This was very hot as usual. But I find myself thinking, what kind of tub do you have? I barely fit into mine, so I am insanely jealous.

yes, yes!

we have a regular tub. don’t ask me how it works, it just does. *laughing*

Comment by Chris 05.29.07 @ 8:20 pm

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