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two forces
Tuesday January 16th 2007, 2:34 pm
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our words lashed back and forth and neither of us was not backing down. the frustration was about to explode and i wanted nothing to do with him. at times i cannot understand him nor his “wants” or “desires”. he seems complicated to me and that makes us both complicated to be each other at times. usually we work well together most times and when we don’t, we really don’t and it is a vicious match.

he tried to push the covers from my naked body and i just kept them tight against my skin.
“come on don’t be like that.”

“don’t fucking touch me.” i hiss back at him. i was furious and hurt. i almost felt stupid as my inner demons are the downfall to my 100% of confidence.

my lack of trying to sort this out enraged him and i can see his face grow fierce. he pulled the covers from me and i started to kick and push him away from me. he grabbed my arms and pulled them up as he groped my breasts. i tried to push him off of me.

“is that all you got?” he was egging me on.

i started to grunt and push him off me, only to have him come back in to force himself on top of me. one hand gripped my wrists while the other one forced between my legs into my cunt. my back arched and i groaned. i let up on my fight with him and he let go of my wrists. i sat there for a moment as he fingered me with clenched teeth, hissing at me. my right hand went up and slapped him hard against the face. this infuriated him and he grabbed my wrists roughly again. his fingers pulled out of my cunt as he started talking back at me and slapped my face emphasizing each statement.

his fingers pushed back inside of me, i felt forced to be submissive and i caved in to his will. he was far from gentle with me as he invaded my cunt with an anger that i knew would be spurred by that slap to his face. he stopped his act of violation and walked out of the room. i heard running water from the tub and he came back in.

“get in the tub.”

i pulled off the bed and walked to the tub. i got in the hot water and waited for him as it filled slowly. he came back in the bathroom with toys.

“turn over.”

i turned on to my stomach in the tub.

“get that ass up.”

i pushed my ass out of the water and i felt him work in a dildo. i gasped as it worked its way into my tightness. he fucked me hard and placed his free hand under my chin by my throat. i was grunting in my throat as he tightened his grip. he let me go and pushed my head under the water. i wasn’t ready for it and tried to push up out of the water. yet, he kept me under. i grew desperate and started to push upward and he let me out. i gasped for air in and out as my lungs stung with pain. he kept fucking me in the water without flinching at the commotion.

his hand pushed at the back of my head and i went back down under the water. his fucking me grew faster and faster. i felt that orgasm aching to be released and i came with a scream under the water. the bubbles were all around me reaching for the surface. during that moment i forgot i was under water and that i needed air. as i started to come down i pushed up again and he let me up as i panted from the orgasm and lack of air.

i leaned my head against the tub as he cleaned up the water that overflowed from the tub. he didn’t say a word to me and got up to head to the bedroom. i just laid there with my thoughts feeling better, but needing his cock inside of me.

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Angry sex is so intense. I love reading these completely opposite yet complimentary sides of you. Top yet bottom, dominant yet submissive. It’s a beautiful blend.

thank you so much chris.

Comment by Chris 01.16.07 @ 4:10 pm

damn girl… this just fills me with feelings of sex, fear, release, and something else i can’t even define…

that is good to get a reaction out of you, that means i wrote it right.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 01.16.07 @ 4:46 pm

Often we I get that orgasmic release, I feel that I am gasping for air.

But you have bested me, by actually doing so.

Brava. Well done.

my darling liras, that does not mean i have “bested” you. it just means i am hedonistic to do such acts.

Comment by Liras 01.16.07 @ 6:45 pm

Well Damn, I’m floored. That was one hell of an entry.

thank you TF.


Comment by The Fury 01.16.07 @ 7:36 pm

Lady, that was very intense.

thank you sweet peony!

Comment by peony 01.17.07 @ 3:12 am

I sweetly disagree, for not only are you hedonistic, you have bested me. I would be too stiff and claw my way up to air to cum.

i could help you liras.


Comment by Liras 01.18.07 @ 9:38 am

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