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Friday September 19th 2008, 7:15 pm
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this week seems to be wrath of hyper sensitive horniness.

i will see a picture.
read a sentence.
think a thought.
don’t ask about actually seeing porn or something erotic.

i am “On”.

i feel i have been in a form of sexual hibernation. one could tell by the looks of this blog. i used to write more frequently. i felt i peaked and then walked away from it all. this year has been so trying for me in so many ways that i care not to mention on a sex blog. who wants to read about that crap anyways?

today i had my laptop resting on my thighs with my legs pulled up. my right hand was using the track pad and it kept bumping against my nipple. that was driving me crazy and yet i let it happen several times. it took so much will to not stop and rub one out.

this week was glorious with my masturbation efforts. i had tested a new toy for review and managed some very intense orgasms. i love that release and that feeling of being so high.

i love the unknown.
i love the anticipation.
i love knowing.
i love feeling.

the sex with R only gets better every time we see each other. the anticipation hits me the hardest with him. he is a master at teasing. secretly, i think he likes hearing me beg for him to fuck me or the whimpers in my throat or even the squirming up against to him to feel more. i try not to scratch his skin off or bite a chunk of his flesh out however, there are times when i can’t control my actions with him. i can’t think rationally nor logically. it’s all about that moment, it’s the center, it revolves and it’s a whirlwind of lust. i know that i want more and more. i have grown into this insatiable nympho monster who only wants to fuck at every given chance. that’s not so wrong. *smile*

since i have been out of the loop so long. if you are linking to me and have been around a while, please let me know.

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Oh Gracie, I know the feeling well. It isn’t so wrong at all.

Comment by urbangypsy 09.19.08 @ 7:38 pm

I tend to be a fuck-at-every-chance sort, myself.

(I link to your tumblr site).

Comment by Elspeth 09.21.08 @ 7:05 pm

You’ve been part of my blog-slog for several months now. I suppose you need to know who is poking in your sock drawer when you’re not looking 😉


Comment by Mr. Upton Ogood 09.23.08 @ 12:37 pm

I’m still here. Slow and often the last to the party, but I’m here.

Comment by Butterfly Temptress 09.24.08 @ 6:56 am

Oh my dear Gracie, I’m so glad you’re back and posting more reguarly now. WIthout a doubt yours is my favorite blog. I’ve been following you for several years. I used to have a blog under another name when I first found you. You never fail to make me do deliciously wet with your writing.

Comment by Mimi 09.27.08 @ 5:55 pm

I still sneak by sometimes. It’s been a rough two years. xoxoxo

Comment by Rae 10.02.08 @ 1:30 pm

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