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trick and treat
Wednesday November 01st 2006, 12:11 pm
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the noise of brisk footsteps hitting the sidewalk with a seductive strut. your eyes watch the black heels and slowly they move up the ankle to the calves. the fishnet stockings are perfectly aligned, the thighs to the hem of the short skirt to the exposed neck. your cock twitches as you are watching the skirt sway from side to side. you are still pondering if there is anything underneath covering my cunt. you recall as i bent slightly forward in front of the mirrored closet door to put on your leash that you saw the bottom of my ass bare, but you could not make out the fleshy cunt.

“cunt,” you thought to yourself as you knew i did that on purpose. knowing you would stare and wishing that if i bent forward just an inch forward, i would have answered that question.

tonight seemed different as you were walking behind me in a coat. it was what you were wearing underneath that had you nervous. at least you weren’t walking out in the open with the outfit on. as most people don’t look down the mary janes with the white lacy socks that you were wearing would have given a clue as to what was just a layer beneath the clothing. but it was halloween you chanted inside your head. your hands were shoved in the coat pockets trying to obscure the bulge in the front of you. you only wish it was your cock that created such a noticeable bulge. it was a strap on.

“oh the things you let me do to you,” was the last thing i whispered in your ear as i put made you put on those white lacy socks and shoes.

in the car ride over i made you spread your legs and pull up the coat and dress to expose the rather large dildo that protruded from the vinyl harness. i made you jack it off the whole way over as i giggled as on lookers did double takes. i even made you make faces like you were getting off on the action.




my shoes danced on the wet pavement of the driveway. the neighborhood was exquisite and lined with expensive cars with immaculate yards all uniquely expensive.

the door opens up as we walk up. the person at the door takes our coats and smirks at the sight of you. your hands folded over the bulge and you look down in shame. your leash dangling from your neck like a stray. i grab it and tug you forward into the large entry room. you expect to see others like you but alas you are the only one.

“how convenient,” you think in dread.

it is one thing to wear a embarrassingly huge harness but another to be wearing a dress over the goddamn thing. pink…you fucking hate pink. even the collar and leash were pink.

“oh grace is this your pet love?” blurts the alcoholic host. she smelled hideous with her old smoke and vodka. she looked even worse with an overly tight dress and dyed hair. her teeth looked decayed. perhaps it was her costume…or not.

“hello darling,” i reply keeping my nose far away from her mouth as i go in to hug her and kiss her wrinkled, dry cheek. “yes, this is my pet. i will tell you he is quite the perfect slut and will suit all needs.” i say a matter of factly while giving you the evil glance.

the old hag almost stumbles into you as she openly lifts your dress to expose the cock and grabs it.

“oh grace! you fooled me!” she blurts sending a storm of stench to your face. “i thought this was his large fucking cock!” she laughs as she tugs it throwing you off balance and stumbling to stay upright.

i laugh so beautifully giving you the “fuck me” look. your cock twitches as you shut the old hag out. you feel her yank you to the center of the room as you keep your eyes locked on mine.

“i have just the spot for you pet!” the hag stammers. she drags you to an ottoman placed dead center of the humming crowd. “attention! attention!” she slurs. “here is tonight’s pet my pretties. remember she is to be returned in one piece as our dear grace has loaned her to us.”

the crowd gives a light applaud as i bow my head in return. my eyes still locked on yours. you start to shake as you have the faintest idea what you are doing here. certain words the hag mentions flash in your brain, “her”, “loaned”, “one piece”. your heart starts to race.

“sit down dear,” the hag whispers in your ear. you want to vomit at whisp of her breath.

you take a seat on the ottoman and she gets on her knees. you start to wonder if she has had any kind of hip surgery to be getting on her knees like that. you smirk and she pulls up your dress exposing your fake, erect cock. she wraps her putrid lips and starts to suck it.

“goddamn” you think as you want to vomit at the sight. your eyes shift back in my direction as i give you a smile. your cock twitches as i watch her blowing your fake hard on. her head bobs up and down as she deep throats that huge fucker. you can hear her gag and you feel the same as you would prefer almost anyone else in the room besides this disgusting bag of a woman.

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innocent by-stander: I stand in the crowd shocked and amazed as I feel my cock twitch witnessing this spectacle.

I cheer with the crowd, but not sure for whom. The old hag dying to get some? Or the poor guy in the pink dress, half mocking him. Mocking him? “what the fuck are you getting tonight asshole” – echos in my mind.

I dream of the pussy that must be waiting for him at then end of this night; catching a glimpse of your eyes watching him, the smirk on your face.

Comment by woodinhand 11.01.06 @ 8:45 pm

what a devilish tale! such a creative mind you have! I love it!

Comment by Pandora 11.01.06 @ 10:00 pm

goddamn, Grace…how you use me

Comment by Anonymous 11.03.06 @ 5:42 am

is this a chat room? i’m not sure why woodinhand is trying to kill an amazing story.–>

Comment by Anonymous 11.08.06 @ 5:44 am

Well well. Sex and pleasure mixed with disgust and revulsion. How do you keep it up? I am exhausted by just the dips and turns alone.


Comment by princess 12.01.06 @ 5:31 pm

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