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Monday June 18th 2007, 5:35 pm
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i was driving us home after he had a few drinks. he always wraps his hand around my inner arm and glides his fingers along my soft flesh when i drive. it is such a subconscious act that it doesn’t tickle me. i felt his fingers travel up my arm and brush against the side of my breast. i smiled and i could see his face watching me out the side of my view. he went further and i didn’t mind that we were in traffic, in broad daylight. i gripped his inner thigh and wished that we were near home.

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I love that teasing play while driving. Then I cannot drive fast enough! Half the time, I want to pull over and just do it right there.

yes, i hate that!

so freaking hot that day that pulling over would just mean we would die of heat strokes. *laughing*

not to mention a freeway full of onlookers.

eh screw em.

Comment by Chris 06.18.07 @ 8:43 pm

Oh Yes! I love when that happens.

oh i bet you do Teacher. i can only imagine.


Comment by The Teacher 06.19.07 @ 6:26 am

The little intimate touches are the best.

oh yes they are. it is a lingering type of foreplay that lasts for hours.

it just makes that crashing union that much better.

Comment by TeacherInHeels 06.19.07 @ 7:53 am

Well, that certainly gets the voyeur/ exhibitionist majority of my mind racing, blood pumping to the nether regions of my mind and body. I love it, and even more than the description, I love the images it elicits.

i am glad Tom. it is nice to see you back for now.

it was also nice catching up with you again.

Comment by Tom 06.19.07 @ 10:48 am

mmm that first kiss is always the most sweet… and memorable… very yummy!

yes, yes. *smile*

Comment by Shibari 06.19.07 @ 7:41 pm

a touch, a caress, a kiss. re-live this moment over and over again.
this is bliss.
i am happy you found your bliss 😉

thank you very much Dan.


Comment by Dan 06.19.07 @ 8:12 pm

I love those moments.. but when the sun goes down… watch out!

yes Mina, i know all about you in cars at night! *wink*

Comment by Mina 06.19.07 @ 11:16 pm

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