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to shreds
Tuesday February 20th 2007, 11:48 am
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“close your eyes.”

i hate surprises and the unknown. i hated sitting there not knowing what was going on in and outside the bedroom. i was nervously talking through my hands covering my eyes.

“shut up bitch.”

i let out a nervous giggle.

“shut up you whore.” this time his voice was hissing and it was within feet of me. i closed my mouth and sunk into the bed. i felt so naked and seen even though i was wearing a tank top and panties.

“open your eyes.” i pulled my hands away slowly and pulled my eyes open. i yelped as i saw a knife in his hand pointing down at me.

“stay still.” he kept chanting. i was nervous and started to whimper.

“show me your neck.” i didn’t want to budge. i was terrified.

“show me your neck.”

“nu uh.” i was whimpering and pleading.

he took the strap of my tank top and cut it free. i shook and didn’t have time to react as he took strap and pinned my neck with it to my pillow. i gurgled as his hand pushed my panties to the side and slipped into my cunt. i felt a rushing fear blanket me as he let up the fabric grip from around my neck. i wondered for a split second if it would leave a bruise.

‘don’t you fucking move.” i felt the cold blade trace my skin down, down, down. he lifted my panties away from flesh as he cut them free. i let out a gasp as he cut my cunt free from my expensive panties. he proceeded to cut away the rest of my tank top exposing me like some rape victim. he grabbed a piece of the tank top and tied my hands together. my breathing was rapid as my body twitched at his gropes at my flesh.

his fingers resumed to violating my cunt while hissing obscenities at me. i felt myself coming over and over as my juices were backed up against his dam of flesh. he pulled out and replaced my void with the rabbit.

“open your mouth.”

i opened my mouth as i dared not look at what he was doing to me. he slipped my cum coated finger into my mouth as the rabbit buzzed away at my cunt. i started to suck myself clean from his fingers. he shoved in more fingers forcing my mouth open as he turned the rabbit on high. i squirmed and bit down on this fingers. my nails started to dig into my other bound hand. i couldn’t force him to stop, i couldn’t make him stop, i was helpless. my grunts were growing louder into mild screams of a mix of pain and pleasure. every time i was too loud for his liking he would cover my nose and mouth. i would feel my cum leaking from my cunt to my ass as i would thrust towards my invasion. as he often does, he suddenly stopped and pulled out of me. my cunt leaked and my body shuddered.

“get on the floor and masturbate.”

i pulled myself up and laid on my stomach on the ground. i laid there focusing, focusing on this image that i saw earlier that day. i felt his foot rest on my ass as he hovered over me like an owner. i felt him spit down my back to my ass. my body became rigid as i came so fierce that my eyes welled up with tears and mixed with my sweat covered face. i panted trying to catch my breath as my body went limp. i laid motionless on the floor as E left to the bathroom to start a bath.

as i felt some form of energy emerge inside of me, “you cut up a good pair of panties.”

“you can get more.”

you men…that is your answer for everything.

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Utter brilliance. This is my favorite segment. I love it, and I already want more!

i pulled myself up and laid on my stomach on the ground. i laid there focusing, focusing on this image that i saw earlier that day. i felt his foot rest on my ass as he hovered over me like an owner. i felt him spit down my back to my ass.

thank you tom. i have at least two more to write and after tomorrow night…another. i am going to be a busy girl writing this week, if i can find the time. *wink*

Comment by Tom 02.20.07 @ 3:25 pm

“you men…that is your answer for everything.”

Yes. Yes it is.

ha ha! i knew someone would get a kick out of that last line. i think i said it on purpose just to hear him say that and for me to be able to write it. how bad am i? *laughing*

Comment by Dausa 02.20.07 @ 3:26 pm

God damn girl, you leave me wet and breathless.

why thank you B, my job is done.


Comment by Bad Bad Girl 02.20.07 @ 3:53 pm

I winced when you said the expensive panties. It’s not as easy as just getting more, damn it!

But in reading this, I would say it was worth their sacrifice. That was fucking hot!

i know trust me i winced when i felt him getting ready to slice through, not to mention the tank top that i only wore one other time before that night! oh that man of mine. he always says i have too many of this and that. maybe that is his way of thinning down my wardrobe.

Comment by Chris 02.20.07 @ 4:26 pm

If my man went through all that AND cut my panties… i would SOOOOO forgive him! But then again, I’m not lucky enough to have any of this treatment 🙂

i cannot count how many pairs of panties E has ripped or cut off of me. at least it is an excuse to go and get more, all though my drawer is rather full….

Comment by Pandora 02.20.07 @ 5:23 pm

We’ve had conversations about which clothes are fair game. We don’t have a “safe word” per se, but he knows when I’m saying no to be forced and when I’m serious. The only times I’ve ever seriously said no was when he was about to injure my “good” clothes. I’m not picky about much but my clothes are off limits. *laugh*


you are cute.

yes, i know what you mean about “No” fuck me harder or continue and “NO” stop or i will rip you apart. i think it is usually when i am begging and panting that he know i have had enough. hehe.

clothes are eh, he knows what he can cut or rip and not cut or rip. *wink*

Comment by Aine 02.20.07 @ 7:32 pm

EvilDodger likes a woman that does what she’s told!! WhoHooooo! Yeah baby! Evil told Art all about you sexy, looks like we both have a lot of catching up to do!! We like catching up!!

mmmm you evil man you! i am not always a “good” sub. i do bite and scratch.

wanna play? you can fill any void i have with your “evilness” and i will promise to do what i am told. but, i betcha i have a thing or two to teach you about “evilness” my red one.


Comment by EvilDodger 02.20.07 @ 7:35 pm

I’m sure the knife would have a way of sharpening your focus!

As for panties, the cheap ones from Target would work fine for tis purpose.

And regarding yesterday’s question about reply comments, yes, I do check back for them!

nah it takes the fun out of it if you bought panties for cutting up. it is the unexpected thrill of losing the good ones that makes it thrilling for me.

thank you cherrie, i will keep responding to comments.

Comment by Cherrie 02.21.07 @ 10:20 pm

Hey, my girlfriend’s like you too: the more she gets it, the more she wants it. Love your writings, babe.

thank you.

i appreciate the invite also. i will have to read you when i have a chance.

do i know you from somewhere?

Comment by The Player 02.23.07 @ 5:52 am

Sorry but it IS a buy thing, because its never a problem if you can spend money and fix it.

blood soaked velvet, my love, warm and soft against the skin… (grin)

mmmmm blood soaked velvet. i wonder how long it stays warm?

Comment by silence up2nogood 02.23.07 @ 8:34 pm

Excellent scenario. When I read this, I can see all of the emotions on your face as it plays out.

why thank you love. you would know best.

Comment by Bunny Lebowski 02.24.07 @ 12:03 am

plead pleas fuck me now

Comment by roger 11.03.15 @ 2:09 am

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