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Thursday July 06th 2006, 10:22 am
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as E laid on his side beside me with his left leg under my ass, my leg draped over his body, his fingers deep inside my propped up cunt and a hand over my nose and mouth…he was talking to me. he was telling me in between moments of no air how he wanted to

knock me out

put me on display

let potential buyers look at and touch me

as they enjoyed drinks and music

then he wanted to auction me off to the highest bidder for a weekend. when i came around i would find a cock buried in my ass. yes, i was getting off on it on his story as he told me i was a “dirty slut” and a “naughty whore”.

he fucked me like a teenager from behind. i came repeatedly as he would go all the way in and almost come out. grabbing at my hips, my ass and my waist. he was using me and he asked me if i was “daddy’s toy”, if i was “daddy’s fucktoy” and if i liked be used…oh the answer was “yes” to all.

i would tighten my cunt around him and he enjoyed how tight i was getting as i grabbed at his cock wanting to milk him empty. he came inside me bare, staying inside me reveling in his orgasm, i gripped him with all that i had and he encouraged it. his fingers pushed inside my hot, slippery cunt and i just loved every second of it.

when he got up to start a bath i fell on to my back, legs spread, draping one over the foot board and started to finger my cunt. i loved his cum seeping out of me and used it to lubricate my clit. i rubbed and E walked back in hovering over me kissing me and staring me in the eyes as i came. he shoved his leg between my open legs and i rubbed my cum drenched cunt on him.

he wanted to wash “his pussy” not because it was dirty, but because it was his property. i smirked at him telling him he has not collared me, but he responded “it is around your heart”. i accepted that as he sat in the tub and stood hovered over him letting him wash his cunt.

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