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this morning
Thursday September 20th 2007, 9:55 pm
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as the rain fell on our roof he woke up at the usual time which was two hours before me. when he leaves me every morning he gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me. i always respond with a half awake, “i love you”. at times he has to tell me twice because i cannot break my unconsciousness.

this morning he leaned in to kiss me and instead he moved the blanket down revealing my warm motionless flesh. he shifted me on my back and cupped my breasts. he was gentle and careful as one hand slide down my leg and parted my legs. he pushed the fabric covering my cunt to the side and my eyes half opened as i caught him gazing at my bare skin. he looked mesmerized as if it were the first time he saw me and i felt shy to him.

he grabbed my panties on both sides at the hips and slide the red flimsy material down my legs. further he pushed my legs open, bent down and his tongue met my clit. my lips split open and faintly sucked in the air. his lick was delicate and i only shifted slightly at the sleepy arousal. the wetness started to seep out and he slipped my new toy inside of me with the vibrator on. i let out the faintest of noises feeling the soft vibrations inside my sex. he pulled the blanket back over me gave one last glance at me and left for work.

the toy slowly slid out of me and i grabbed it and put it on the nightstand. a slight grin formed on my tired face and i fell back asleep.

later that evening…

“i thought about your pussy all day long.”

i quietly smile.

“thinking about it made my dick hard.”

another grin.

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mmm, what a delicious start to the day…

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 09.20.07 @ 11:02 pm

wonderful way to start the day

good morning 🙂

Comment by Hank 09.21.07 @ 5:11 am

Expertly written, got my pulse rate up.

Comment by Tom 09.21.07 @ 6:01 am

Wow, and I’m thrilled to be woken up with coffee beside the bed. Mind if I ask, do you lend him out?

Comment by A. Secret 09.21.07 @ 11:30 am

I love these “tender” posts. very sexy.

Comment by Mina 09.21.07 @ 12:08 pm

Very tender, very hot. Like the photos! Your lips look so wildly slutty!

Comment by Cormac Mac Art 09.21.07 @ 3:19 pm

Absolutely sensual awakening.
Wonderful, very sexy. I can imagine that the day ended as well as it started.

Comment by Dirty Debbie 09.21.07 @ 7:33 pm

wow, short but sweet! so sensual!
i love you new pictures too, you look so striking. i lov eyour eyes, and your lips. you are beautifal.

Comment by seriphina424 09.21.07 @ 8:35 pm

I would love to do that to Cherrie, but if I pull her covers off she will immediately wake up and tell me she is freezing.

Instead, I like to get into the spooning position, which I can do under the covers.

Comment by Hardin 09.22.07 @ 9:54 pm

What a wonderful way to wake up, and what a wonderful thing to hear at the end of the day. Mmmmmmmm

Comment by Chris 09.23.07 @ 12:57 pm

i would not mind being woken up like that…yum! xoxo

Comment by darkpixie 09.23.07 @ 5:19 pm

Yet another reason not to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning.

Note to self..

Comment by Mr. H 09.23.07 @ 6:45 pm

I like that you felt shy…sweet.

Comment by n 09.24.07 @ 5:05 am

i also loved the tenderness portrayed in the post.

Comment by kitty 09.25.07 @ 4:47 am

it’s so great to know they are thinking of you all day.. Sooo sexy to be in someones head.

Comment by Wendy 09.26.07 @ 12:20 pm

A great start to the day! By any chance were you horny all day? Hornier than normal, I mean 🙂


D my state of horniness is pretty much the same everyday. perhaps that day it was heightened a bit more.

Comment by Dirty & Thirty 09.28.07 @ 11:39 am

That is a sexy story. delicious.

Comment by dusio22 10.06.07 @ 6:18 pm

I love this. The playfulness. The sensuality. The total control. So sexy.

Comment by ShowMeSecrets 02.21.10 @ 2:21 am

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