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the ultimate controller
Thursday July 13th 2006, 2:36 pm
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i can tell E is getting antsy about fucking me. due to natural events beyond my control E will have to wait to fuck me. it has been since monday since he fucked his pussy.

last night i could tell he wanted it as he rubbed his cock in his underwear. today, i am sitting here reveling in the fact that he wants it and i am not giving it. usually, i am not one to make a man suffer with absence but today…well i am enjoying this. i have a smirk on my face knowing that E wants it and he wants it bad. it is nice to be lusted and wanted, especially starring right in his eyes and seeing it. i like having ultimate control whether he realizes it or not. right now i see him waiting, waiting for me to give in. i want him to suffer a little. secretly i want him to beg for it, i want to be the dom and i want him to admit it. i want him at my mercy and me looking down upon him with my famous evil grin. to sexually torture him sounds so delicious. i am going to make him ask to fuck me next time. i want him to need my cunt, not just want it…but need it. i want him to need to be inside of me…like an addiction. only then will get it and i will love every moment of it.

last night i let him grope at my body and suck on my nipples. for some reason he wanted to lint roll the black panties i had on. not giving it a second thought i let him roll my full ass and turned over and let him roll over my cunt. for some reason he thought it was rather submissive of me to let him do that. i did not see it that way. perhaps it is the state of mind to think if something is submissive or dominant. i felt inside he was my slave tending to my body, he thought he was the owner of a “pet” and he was taking care of his favorite pet. either way i saw it my way while he saw it his. works for the both of us i imagine.

i need a righteous fucking though. reading all of these various blogs and especially an email from a “friend” has me reeling. i almost want to sneak off to the bathroom to let go of this pent up arousal. squirming in my chair is not helping any.

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Ummm …. my first read on yr blog and u sound delicious !

U r interesting from what I am reading.

Drop by at my place …sometime.

Comment by kindabiz 07.14.06 @ 12:57 am

This is the first post I’ve read from your blog and I’ll be back…

… to read about how you finally give in 😉

Rex Loves Roxy

Comment by Rex and Roxy 07.14.06 @ 7:39 am

So far I’m loving what I’m reading. Thanx for visiting my place and I’ll be back to visit yours again!

Comment by Pandora 07.14.06 @ 8:05 am

thank you all for the comments. i do enjoy your blogs. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 07.14.06 @ 11:11 am

I hope you got that righteous good fucking :-))

Comment by dirty thirties 07.15.06 @ 4:58 am

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