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the tub
Thursday August 19th 2010, 5:11 pm
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the water was lukewarm and the bubbles almost spilled over the edge of the tub. i laid into his chest and his hand pushed between my thighs. i shifted to allow him access to my cunt and his fingers pushed inside of me. within second i was moaning, gripping at nothing, water splashing and coming.

“hurt me”, i whispered directly in his ear. he pushed hard against my g-spot, grunted and i convulsed against him.

i shifted upward, pushed him against the length of the tub and positioned myself between his legs. my lips pressed against his and i kissed him deeply. my hand found his erect cock and i stroked him as my tongue pushed deeper in his mouth. i parted from him and licked up and down his adam’s apple. i listened to air escape from his lips as i licked, sucked and stroked him. i pressed my body harder against him and his hands slid up and down my back.

“are you ok?”, i whispered against his cheek.

“mmhmmm,” he rumbled in his throat as i bit the side of his neck.

i went back to kissing him and continued stroking his cock. i felt his cock release pre-cum into the water as i pushed around my hand around it. every so often he would scoop handfuls of water and drip them down my back and every so often i would break from his lips to gasp for air. the water felt warmer, hotter and my skin was burning with heat.

my mouth pressed and opened his mouth as i sucked his tongue like a cock. i licked the underneath of his tongue as i would with this cock. soft moans pushed from his throat escaping through the cracks of our lips.

this wasn’t going to do. i wanted him to fuck me and this tub not going to accommodate what we needed from each other. i pulled apart from him and drained the tub. we moved to the bed room where he fucked me so very hard that we fell asleep very content not stirring till 2pm the next day and yes, we fucked some more.

Thank you Fleshbot!

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Love your writing! Me and my girlfriend love to read your posts, gets us really turned on and leads to a great night, so thank you.

Comment by Greg 08.19.10 @ 11:59 pm

thank you very much. i do hope you both have a great night.

Comment by dark gracie® 08.20.10 @ 12:00 am

Fucking until exhaustion is one of the best uses of a night, and I have to say that I love foreplay in the tub, so this was a very lovely post…

Comment by Ryan St. Germain 08.20.10 @ 12:35 am

thank you love.

i have been already pining for a repeat of that night.

Comment by dark gracie® 08.20.10 @ 12:38 am

It’s hard to fuck in a tub. The X position works the best, I find. But as foreplay tubs are hot. Very.

Comment by Hardin Reddy 08.20.10 @ 4:34 am

i agree. it was so good i want it again which means i need to book a room and soon.

Comment by dark gracie® 08.20.10 @ 4:17 pm

That was a very fucking hot story. It got me hard.

Comment by Mike McGowan 08.28.10 @ 5:36 am

thank you very much Mike. if i didn’t get you hard, i wouldn’t be doing my job right. *smile*

Comment by dark gracie® 08.28.10 @ 6:01 am

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