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the threat
Sunday June 18th 2006, 11:08 am
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i had been taunting E all day. we would be at the grocery store and i would rub up against him or say smart remarks to him. he said to me at one point…”don’t make me fuck you like i hate you.” my response…”maybe i want you to.” with that he would grab my hair in public. i would smirk.

his displays of public affection are getting bolder and well more open. at times i would see how far he would go in touching me but at one point at a red light in the car, he kept touching my breast and i think he wanted the car next to us to see. i had to stop him and tell him how terrible he was. he would agree and say he did not care with a laugh as he would grab my inner thigh.

at 2am i am thinking i will get some attention from him and go to sleep. i was wrong. he had been harvesting my words and actions and wanted to play rough again with me. he licked my cunt and this just made me want to fuck so bad. it has been almost a week since i had been fucked. he crawled in between my legs, pushing them apart and started to mount me. i told him i couldn’t fuck because i had a tampon in and i could tell he was not happy about this.

he decided to put on latex gloves and punish me. he told me i had to learn to suck a cock and he had me get on my hands and knees on the bed as he stood there. i started to suck him and take him all in. i almost gagged several times. i could feel his hand reach in between my legs and i started to get alarmed as he tugged my tampon out. he would bark at me to suck as he forced his fingers inside my cunt. he grew impatient with me and told me i was not doing it right and now he was going to fuck my ass to punish me. he told me to turn around and give him my ass. i was scared all night he was making attempts to finger and stuff plugs in my ass and it was not opening as easily as it was before i left for the east coast. he was telling me over and over he was going to fuck my ass and i believed him. at the last second he shoves his cock in my cunt with no mercy and i yelp with pain and pleasure. he started to fuck me and i wanted it. again, i felt a little guilt ridden that e was fucking me and i wanted t to have me to himself. but, i knew e was going to want to fuck me when i got back home.

while i was being fucked e was telling me how i was a slut. but, i was his slut. that if it were not for him i would be fucking half the town now. he said this to me as he grabbed handfuls of my hair tugging. he pulled out of me and made me suck his cock again. i gagged more and he kept thrusting in my mouth. he yanked me off and told me to get on the ground and masturbate.

i laid there with him towering over me and fucking my cunt with a dildo. four intense and wild orgasms with E chanting at each one saying my full name…”grace smith likes to get fucked in the ass”….”grace smith likes to suck cock”… “grace smith likes to get fucked”.

afterwards while we were in the tub i asked E…”were you really going to fuck my ass?” and he responded with…”yes.”

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