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the sadist and the masochist
Monday September 18th 2006, 11:53 am
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i was laying there on my stomach with my legs and arms tied, high heels put on my feet and a g-string. i was already wet. he had left the house to go to the store. i was nervous. he never left me tied up alone in the house.

earlier we had been talking about another man. he was talking with one and mentioned him staying several days with us. the talk being whispered in my ear at the grocery store was so arousing. it spurred so many images in my mind. later that evening he came into the room as i was talking off toe nail polish, talking about how he wanted to find someone for tonight. i did not say much and he grabbed the cotton ball from my hand and decided to take off the polish for me.

he was gone for such a long time. my mind started to wonder if he was meeting someone and bringing them home. there would be no way for me to cover myself up nor close the door. if he brought in a stranger he would see me right in the hallway as he came in. i tried to see if i could break loose of my restraints, no such luck.

i hear the door open and i hold my breath….please don’t be two bodies walking through the door. i only see him walk in with a bag. i let out a breath. safe for now.

he walked about the house hardly checking on me or giving a glance through the doorway. i was stuck laying there with the tv glowing in the room. he came in and teased me, spanking me ass, pinching and pulling my flesh. when his finger tips glided across my cunt lips i would try to push into his touch. i wanted him to feel my wetness, my heat. i wanted him to be so entertained by how wet i was.

“you look so fucking good right now,” he whispers. “you should just give in and be my slave. not my wife, not my girl…just be my slave. stop trying to change between these roles and just give in.”

my mind was racing. i was not a mindless slave. i am sure he likes that thought of me being on. i could not give up total control to him. i wanted to do what i wanted. i like having sluts and i like playing aggressive. i could not trade in my everyday persona to be this utterly submissive being. i am not a true submissive and he realized i am just a masochist.

the more pain he pushed on to my body, the wetter my cunt got. the longer he withheld the air from my lungs, the wetter my cunt got. the more he tightened his grip around my neck, the wetter my cunt got. the harder he fucked my cunt…well you get the picture.

as he tormented my ass and my cunt, my grip around my restraints would tighten as i pulled and held hard to them. i grunted, moaned and yelped as he pushed in a dildo into my ass and fucked my cunt raw with his fingers and my biggest dildo. i felt the bed drenching beneath me.

i felt the restraints freeing me. i thought we were done. i had squirmed my way towards the edge of the bed and his cock within inches of my mouth. i reach up and suck his cock like it was the only thing to keep me alive. he lowered himself down into my mouth as i sucked and tongues his cock with eagerness. i needed it, fucking wanted it so bad. he continued his mission to work my cunt raw.

“come ride this cock,” he said as he laid down beside me.

i starred at his hard cock, it looked so huge. i crawled up and pushed him inside of me. i sat upward and placed both my hands on his chest. as i rode him my mind wondered to thoughts of you. my nails started digging into his flesh. deeper and deeper and i was waiting for him to tell me to stop, but i kept clawing like a cat, deep. my lip started to snarl as i thought of you. i was almost to the verge of coming…so close. like a snap it was gone. (yeah baby, i know you are enjoying that thoroughly and even laughing.) i was pissed and slid off. it happens from time to time.

“there are plenty of ways to make you come,” as he dove in three fingers deep inside of me.

my legs spread for him as i pushed up a leg on to his bent knee giving him as much leverage into my cunt as i could. his tongue and mouth tugged at my nipples and i squirmed as i gushed on his fucking fingers.

he got up and grabbed a chair and sat by the bed. he started to cover my nose and mouth.

“look at me,” he says softly.

i stare him in the eyes. my eyes start to flutter as my body starts to panic for air.

“yeahhh lemme see those whites,” he coos.

i start to grunt under his mouth and he lets up. i heave for breath. my cunt soaking the bed more. his fingers still inside of me. my hand goes down to my clit as he finger fucks me.

“okay baby, stay calm, don’t panic, i wanna push it a little further,” he whispers. “look at me.”

his latex coated hand comes down over my nose and mouth again. just hearing him say those words made my cunt contract and gush more. i tried to be calm as i was locked on his eyes. my eyes flutter again, my fingers frantically rubbing my clit. my chest starts to heave.

“just a little baby, a little bit more, stay calm,” he chants.

my arms start to move about and he lets me up. my cunt clenches around his fingers. he moves back down again to cut off my air. his other hand moves to his cock and i watch him masturbate as he keeps pushing the limits of my breath play. my fingers are rubbing my clit as i watch him stroke his hardness. i am lost and aroused at his actions and my eyes flutter again and i want to keep them open to watch him jack off. i cannot keep them open and they roll back.

“yesss baby, stay calm,” he chants again.

“a little more” is what repeats in my mind. i start to panic and he lets up. i feel groggy and yet aroused.

the last push was the vibrator on my clit as he covered my nose and mouth again. i rubbed and rubbed as i started to come under his hand. right as i was to peak he lets his hand free and i moan and groan to an intense orgasm.

i will say having his interactions helps after four hours of masturbation. but, that is another story…maybe later this week.

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wow.. you push the boundaries so deliciously

Comment by Pandora 09.18.06 @ 1:10 pm

Wow, I am breathless after that. The images were so vivid in my mind. Wish I could find myself a man who would do that to me!

Comment by Andie 09.18.06 @ 1:55 pm

I am terrified of breath play, Gracie, yet you make it sound intensely erotic. I almost find myself saying sure, let’s give that a whirl.

Great post.

Comment by Tess 09.18.06 @ 2:19 pm

do u ever know When To Stop ??

u make me breathless !

Comment by kindabiz 09.18.06 @ 10:50 pm

holy shit I’m turned on. That’s some dangerous cum inducing stuff right there!

Comment by The Fury 09.19.06 @ 6:24 pm

Here’s an image I got reading this… you, hog tied, naked, hanging from the rafters, waiting for him (me) to return….. you got me hyperventilating as usual

Comment by Al Sensu 09.19.06 @ 10:05 pm

Just fabulous !!! The idea of the other guy walking in is hot, the playing with that fantasy terrific … Wow … very, very hot !!

Comment by Aragorn 09.20.06 @ 2:33 am

pan – i think i will have to thank E for pushing those boundaries. *smile*

andie – thank you love.

tess – well, i will tell you that it was a slow progression and i am very happy with where it is now. i realize it is not for all. but, i certainly enjoy it thoroughly.

kindabiz – no, i don’t know when to stop. i don’t think you have a problem with it either naughty boy.

the fury – why thank you!

al – mmmm have not tried the hog tie yet. aren’t you deviant al!

aragorn – thank you dear. i am just waiting the day E pulls that stunt. i have a feeling he would too.

Comment by Gracie 09.20.06 @ 8:05 pm

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