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Thursday October 30th 2008, 11:06 am
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subheart tagged me a while back and since i have not written in a while i thought it would be a good writing assignment.

i am supposed reveal seven facts about myself. i think over the few years i have been writing, i am sure i have revealed quite a bit about myself, so i will dig deep.

i like to close my eyes and touch the lover next to me as if i were blind. feeling their face and body to retain in physical memory to be later sculpted.

i love being touched with finger tips and lips along my spine. the nerve endings screaming as an aimless stroke is made. it makes me quiver, gasp and squeeze my legs together.

i enjoy the mystery behind a person i meet. i want to discover them fold by fold till they are naked.

i hate shaving. i have resorted to waxing between the legs and if i could afford it, i would wax or laser the rest off.

i am terrified of spiders and bugs. i had too many surprises outdoors/indoors when i was a child.

i don’t mind growing older. age does not bother me. you are as old as you feel and i don’t look nor feel my age.

i love being bathed by another. i can close my eyes, feel their hands slip across my skin and feel the arousal build up.

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I like what you said about touching them with your eyes closed to scuplt them in your mind. I’ll try that. 🙂

Comment by Nolens Volens 10.30.08 @ 11:31 am

Love the above thoughts. I love to bathe people, to feel them shivering in delight or anticipation .

Comment by dragonfireq804 11.02.08 @ 12:54 pm

There is my bittersweet Dark One, spinning heavy spells with a few words.

How I miss you.

Comment by Liras 11.06.08 @ 10:15 pm

You have shed a ray of suinsnhe into the forum. Thanks!

Comment by Krystallynn 05.19.11 @ 3:51 pm

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