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the prospect (part ii)
Monday February 12th 2007, 6:42 am
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closing my eyes i listened to you feeling you sucking my erect cock. my pet taking me in his whorish mouth to get me off to get my cum to drink down eagerly.  i started to gasp at the vision and snapped out of it abruptly. i couldn’t get off just yet, it was too soon.

“stop” i kicked you back on to your ass.

you looked confused and almost hurt.

“aww don’t look at me like that pet. come here.” i pat the bed beside me.

i followed your eyes from mine, down my arm to my hand panting the bed. was it a test? was i going to kick you again? you knew the bed was off limits to you.

“V, it’s ok come here.” i almost laughed at your hesitation.

you still hesitated as you slowly and methodically pulled yourself on to the bed. you looked tense as you sat there shifting your eyes and waiting for that moment of explosion to get off the bed.

my hand pet the top of your head. “my pet relax. i am not going to shoo you off the bed.”

“y-yes, grace.”

my hand grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled you back as i straddled you in one sweeping motion. you trembled beneath me with shock on your face.

“open your mouth.”

i watched you shoot your mouth open with your tongue out. i dropped a glob of spit on to your tongue.


your tongue moved back in, closed your mouth and i heard the slightest moan in your throat. i felt your cock twitch against my stomach.

“you like that pet? swallowing whatever i put in that slutty mouth of yours?” my lip curled slightly. “no matter what i do to you, you manage to find a way to get off on it. i could be choking you to death and you would beg for me to do it all the way through with a raging hard on.”

your face switched back to a timid fear. if i could hurt you with my stare it was at that moment that i saw through you. i didn’t even see a man beneath me, you were a mere toy for my disposal. at times i have wanted to eliminate you but i have to rethink my tossing you away to go whore for another.

“i fucking own you pet. sometimes you make me want to rip you apart till you are unrecognizable.” my words were spitting on your face as you learned not to flinch because that just made it much worse. “i want to fucking break you, literally fucking break you so you are a broken fucking toy that no one would want, not even me.”

your bottom lip started to quiver ever so slightly but i saw it. your eyes started to glaze over and you didn’t blink because the tears would escape the pool.

“yes pet, give me your tears of hurt. come on pet do it.”

you lip trembled more and you blinked once and opened your eyes big again. the tears spilled from the corners of your eyes down to the bed.

“yessss my bitch…you look like a bitch right now.” i shifted about you grabbing my cock and slowly stroking it against your skin.

your eyes started to shift. away from my glaring eyes that were fixated on the tears welling in your eyes. “goddamn you bitch, i am going to fucking rape you. i fucking wanna pull you apart one ounce of dignity at a time.”

i pressed my cock head to your tight cunt. “yeah i am gonna fuck you like a little timid bitch right now. i wanna see your face writhe as i rape your goddamn slutty cunt you fucking bitch.” i snarled at you as i forcefully shoved the pink cock all the way in your ass without lube, without ease.


your head jerked back into the bed as you closed your eyes tight with more tears seeping out the creases. your hands gripped the bed and your face slowly was turning a deep red. i pushed in and out with full strides in and out of your cunt.

“look at me you fucking bitch,” i hissed as i slapped your face with all the power i could muster with my right hand. i watched your head jerk to my motion and you straightened it upward and slowly forced your eyes to open. “yesss look at who is raping you right fucking now.”

my face had to be twisted into a menacing evil. i could see the fear in your eyes as they were forced to stare at me. my teeth were bared and clenched. my nails dug into your stomach as i would glance down at my invasive cock.

“mmmmmm yes, look at your virgin blood on my cock. yeah i fucking broke that cunt you fucking slut. don’t you look away goddammit!” another slap to your face and this time your hand reached up to nurse that burn.

“look at you laying there so fucking helpless and shocked. you are such a bitch pet. awww look even your cock is shocked getting soft…good. i only wish i had real cum, real DNA to leave in that cunt of yours. would ya go crawling to the emergency room and tell em you got raped pet?”

you shook your head slightly from side to side.

“hmmm that’s too bad.” i made a hard shove back into your cunt and you grunted at the pain. “come on baby you wanted it, you have been wanting my cock all night. such a fucking tease sucking me off like that.”

i started to laugh wildly. my hands clamped down on to your chest, digging my nails into your flesh and slowly scraped downward. your screams filled the room.

“yes pet how does that fucking feel?”

i pulled my cock out, stood up on the bed while grabbing your hair and pulling you to the ground.

“get on your fucking knees bitch and suck me off.”

you were breathing heavy and moved on to your knees weakly. you slowly opened your mouth with fresh hesitation.

“i said,” grabbing the back of your head with both hands. “suck,” pulling you on to my cock. “me,” pulling you off. “off,” pulling you back on to my cock as i fucked your throat. you started to gag violently and i kept you on my cock till you started to vomit around my cock.

“heh, look at the mess you made my pet.” my voice was calm. you looked up at me as i smiled down at you. “clean yourself up and clean up this mess.” i undid the harness and dropped it on the floor with the mess.

i sat back on the edge of the bed as if nothing happened. i picked up the phone and pulled it to my ear. “how did you like that?” you could hear some talking but could not make out if the voice was male or female. “good then,” i replied. “when do you want to pick him up?

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Truly marvelous, splendid stuff. I’m thoroughly aroused!

well that is good to hear Tom.


Comment by Tom 02.12.07 @ 1:49 pm

y-yes, Grace. you own this selfish piece of flesh. it is yours to shape and to fuck and to cut and to throw away when you are done with it. it does not even deserve a gender, Grace.

mmmmm V you always know exactly what to say to make my flutter in places that would normally have to be touched.

Comment by vslut 02.12.07 @ 7:11 pm

Much different indeed! Intense and vivid, as always.

thank you chris. i am so shocked you like reading this “side” of me.

Comment by Chris 02.12.07 @ 11:06 pm

dam that was good… more please more!

yes my dear. i am sure my V will inspire another post tomorrow. (saturday)

Comment by Pandora 02.15.07 @ 5:49 am

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