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the prospect (part i)
Sunday February 11th 2007, 7:59 am
Filed under: Deviant Dreams

i walked into the room with the cell phone to my ear. “uh huh.” i walked passed the bed and opened the closet door. “yes.” i watched you squint awake sitting up. “mmm i know.” you rubbed your eyes trying to focus. you started to wonder who was on the other end talking. “ok, well we can discuss that later.”

reaching in the closet i unhooked your leash and pulled you out. we walked over to the side of the bed. you sat in front of me on your knees waiting as i sat at the edge putting my foot in front of you to remove my sneakers. you carefully tugged off the shoes and socks. my freed foot went straight between your legs to rub on your balls.

“yes well i am ready when you are.” you watched a slight grin form on my face as i looked down at  you starring at me big eyed. i knew you were wondering what i was discussing and why i had this grin on my face.

your eyes started to follow up my leg and noticed a bulge. my foot kicked you in the balls and you doubled over grabbing at them with a small grunt.

“heh, well darling i can’t give you what you want if you keep talking to me. we are ready.” your head shot up and starred with your eyes wide and bright. there was more talking and then, “good, enjoy it.” i sat the unclosed phone on the night stand.

“stand up pet.”

you got up on to your feet nursing your freshly kicked balls.

“we are going to have some fun you and i.”

“yes, grace.”

i brought my mouth to your left ear, “we are putting on a show for this individual. it is a prospect and that is all you will know. you better behave and i better not have to punish you again pet. do not answer me just nod you head.”

your head nodded up and down two times. i sat back on the edge of the bed leaning back on my elbows.

“hurt for me pet.”

without the slightest hesitation your hand balled into a fist, raised up and swung down to your balls with a loud slap.

“UNGNNNN!” you folded forward with both hands on your balls.


you repeated the actions and your knees buckled this time as you groaned in agony.

“mmmmmm unzip me.”

i starred at you deeply with the slightest grin, at least that is what you thought you could tell. my eyes watched you stumble forward as my legs spread to grant you close access to my jeans. i followed your hands as they shake fumbling with my button and pulling the zipper down. you started to see the pink fleshy cock start to reveal.

“it’s new pet. just for you. a nice big, pink cock for you. pull it out and suck me off. ”

you reached in cautiously and pulled out the long hard pink cock. you opened your mouth and pushed it between your lips.

“mmmmmm, play with my balls and take it all in.”

i pushed the jeans down to mid thigh as i watched you intently fondling my balls, sucking me off and gagging as you went all the way down.  my finger pushed behind the harness and started to rub as i watched you sucking me with such enthusiasm. i threw my head back to listen to your slurping, sucking and gagging noises.

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Mmmmmm. I feel like I’ve read this already from the other perspective…hehe. I love being able to read both sides. You both write so vividly.

well it may see like a the same read…but it ends differently. much differently.

Comment by Chris 02.11.07 @ 8:37 pm

use me, Grace… i am your toy made flesh.

oh i intend on it pet.

i wanna use you till you beg me to stop and then i will push it even further.

Comment by vslut 02.11.07 @ 9:40 pm

oh this is wickedly delicious. can’t wait to see where it goes.

mmmm, yes, i need to get to writing that part!


Comment by Pandora 02.12.07 @ 3:16 am

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