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The Price To Pay
Saturday June 16th 2007, 7:09 pm
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I dragged my bottom lip across the skin along his back. My lips were parted, I snaked my tongue out slowly and licked his skin so lightly. I laid my head against his flesh and listened to his heartbeat as my hand trailed along his backside. I wanted him but I did not say anything, I pressed my naked chest to his flesh and my hand found its way to his cock. I was gentle and I was subtle in how I touched him. At this point I knew it was too late for anything to happen.

The bed shifted and he turned to face me.

“Take them off,” he whispered.

I slid my panties down my hips, down my thighs, bending my legs so I could grab them off my feet. My mind was racing with lust for him as I tossed the panties to the floor. I lay there watching his dark form prop up and hover above me. I thought he was going to slide between my legs and take me face to face.

“Turn over,” he said as his hands roamed my naked flesh finding a grip. To feel him inside of me again was enough to make me drip from between my legs. That first thrust, that first moment of being filled, that first sensation of feeling him inside of me just made me melt into the bed. I always let out a small yelp when I first feel him stretch me around him. It is always unexpected to feel that little bit of pain, the small price to pay to fuck. I was always glad to pay any price to have him become apart of me, to have me and to feel whole.

The brief moment of being submissive with my head in the mattress and my ass in the air changed to a more anxious creature. An insatiable need grew within to feel that hardened thrust piston in and out like a machine. I pushed up on my hands for leverage as I pushed hard against his forward thrusts. I started to slam against his flesh as I felt his balls sway and hit my clit. I thought I was going to come from this act. I felt myself lingering on the very edge of reality and ecstasy. I chose to stay and it was too soon.

My moans were increasing and the noises were sounds of an undying desire. I grew more and more primal as the insides of me were building higher and higher. He pulled out of me suddenly to replace with his fingers and in that brief moment of his absence I thought I was going to lose myself out of frustration.

“Put your hand inside of me,” I staggered from my throat. I don’t know if he heard me. I felt him push in as many fingers as he could inside of me. I felt one lingering outside taunting my clit. When I could not bear to contain myself my built up orgasm fell as the fluids rushed from me. He kept milking my orgasm as I pleaded with my mouth and body. Yet I couldn’t shrink away from his touch, I could not get enough of him.

He left me for a moment to return with my new vibrator. He turned it on and started to fuck me with it. This new vibrator is amazing and just touches every nerve inside of me making me moan uncontrollably. It rubbed up against my g-spot as promised and I was whimpering.

“Make yourself come,” he instructed as he let me grab the vibrator. I pulled it out of me and started to ride the ribbed toy with my clit. I felt stinging swats on my ass as I concentrated on coming. The pain from his hits would cause me to hiss but it wasn’t enough to take my attention from trying to get off.

I felt it.

It was right there, just a little bit more…

And I was rushed with a wave of strong emotion. My body jerked as I started to cry hard. I collapsed on the bed in a sobbing heap. I lay there and let it out for a few moments and regained a sense of self.

“What’s wrong?” he lay beside me and very concerned.

“Nothing,” I sniffed.

“Something is wrong,” he persisted.

“I just came so hard I cried,” I curled into his chest.

“Ah,” he whispered into the top of my head.

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All I can say is Damn! And in a good way … Hugs!


thank you Heels.

Comment by TeacherInHeels 06.16.07 @ 11:19 pm

Damn your posts are so intense, I wouldn’t be shocked if I cried after cumming 😉

mmmm thank you TF.

oh and congrats on all the Fleshbot features.


Comment by The Fury 06.17.07 @ 6:30 am

Sometimes it’s so intense, it has to surface in tears. Fucking beautiful, darling.

thank you love.

i haven’t laughed in a long time while coming. lately it is a lot of tears.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 06.17.07 @ 9:00 am

Oh my gosh girl. I have cum like this more than once. It either encites tears or laughter. But definitely something emotional. It is beautiful and uncontrollable.
Thanks for sharing this.

i usually have 3 modes when coming…laughing, crying or pure rage. i was just telling B that lately it has been a lot of crying.

thank you for stopping by again. i need to add you to my blogroll. i will be reading more of your stuff tomorrow. i had a swamped day today.

Comment by Shibari 06.17.07 @ 9:28 am

After reading that, I am so glad that I still have the luxury of having my husband with my today. I think I will put him to good use 😉

well Teacher that sounds like a great plan to me.

i spent the day cleaning up my backyard. *laughing*

perhaps tonight i get some good use out of E. *wink*

Comment by The Teacher 06.18.07 @ 3:44 am

I have felt that, but the tears have not flowed yet. it is a beautiful thing you have.

oh mina give it some time. i am sure you will have those tears flow.


Comment by Mina 06.18.07 @ 8:22 am

“it is always unexpected to feel that little bit of pain, the small price to pay to fuck.”
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

i have to say that is one my favorite lines in that post.

it is true and i do love that feeling.

Comment by Eve 06.18.07 @ 11:01 am

A wrenching, wonderful, ethereal experience, just as it should be. I love that high, that explosive release. Well described, great post!

thank you Tom. it is nice to have you back. i hope you stay put for a little bit. it has been a while.

we will catch up soon.


Comment by Tom 06.18.07 @ 4:00 pm

His concern is endearing. I think when you have the mind/body fuck connection strongly, orgasms can easily become so intense as to make you cry. Mine have. Sex has made me cry (for not bad reasons). It just the blissful intensity of it.

yes, i agree with you.

sometimes i think it is also what emotion is thriving within you at the time of sex and it comes out like an explosion. at least that is what happens to me.

Comment by Chris 06.18.07 @ 8:42 pm

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