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the power of him
Wednesday July 04th 2007, 1:14 am
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it has been weeks since i last saw him. he knows i ache for him with our sporadic emails back and forth.



he does this to me and makes me frantic for him. his voice is the tone that molests, invades, and hypnotizes me. the minute he breathes on my flesh is the same moment i transform to his personal slut, whore and baby girl. i never say no to him, never lie to him nor would i ever deceive him.

i beg for his cum, his cock, his fingers, his mouth, his tongue, his skin against mine. i whimper when i stuff my ass for him. i want every bit of him and when i come with such intensity i cry out for him. the sweat and tears mix on my hot flesh and when it is all said and done he has fucked me senseless. he knows what i want, what i need and mostly what i want to hear.

“i just want to kiss you and slid my fingers inside of you,” he whispers. “no one has to know, i want to finger fuck you.”

my heart races as i stuff my fingers inside of me to feel what he would feel. i gush around my fingers. my breathing is so ragged. “i want to touch your cock.”

“no baby, you can’t touch it.”

“i want to touch it, i need to feel how hard you are.”

“you promise not to tell anyone?”

“yes…i promise.”

“ok you can touch it.”

i wrap my hand around his hardness and like a chain reaction i want to envelope him with my mouth, cunt and ass. all i care about is his arousal and pleasing him.

“can i suck your cock?” i beg. “i want to taste you. will you train me to suck your cock right?”

“oh baby yes, yes i will show you how to please me.”

it’s all a blur with gagging, slurping, cumming and i don’t want to spill a drop as i drink him down.

“will you fuck me bare?” i beg.

“oh god yes baby, i will fuck you bare. i want all of your holes.”

“i want your cum inside of me and on me. i want to watch you jack off on to my cunt. will you finger fuck me with your cum?”

“oh fuck baby, yes i will do that.”

i can’t take it anymore and i come for him when he tells me to. i come for him again when he demands. i want to give him every ounce of me.

it has been a few hours since he had me and i already miss him. my time with him is never enough. that is the hard part about addictions, you always want another hit.

Thank you Viviane for Fleshbotting this post.

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This is exquisitely arousing, as always. There’s something intoxicating about the way you beg, which leaves me erect and eager for more…

mmmm DB i love having that effect on you.
the thing about my begging with him…you should hear the voice. *wink*

Comment by dirtyboy 07.04.07 @ 2:58 am

Fuck gracie… this was amazing! I am missing A even more now! A wonderful piece. Such wonderful writing that conveyed so much feeling and stirred up my own.

thank you Mina. that makes me smile.

i hope you are in A’s arms very soon.

Comment by Mina 07.04.07 @ 7:48 am

Sometimes when one partner holds back, the desire of the other gets just that much hotter. The rule certainly applies here!

yes, yes indeed Cherrie. very true. you always want/desire/need what you cannot have.

Comment by Cherrie 07.04.07 @ 9:50 am

Sounds like a great 4th July .. fireworks all round !

yes D, it was fantastic.

Comment by Dirty Thirty 07.04.07 @ 11:20 am

hmmm… sigh… yes, I know. The craving and the addiction. you put it so eloquently, it makes me ache for Z. you never stop wanting, even moments after you have it.

thank you B. addictions are so tricky.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 07.04.07 @ 1:56 pm

That feeling of wanting him to fill every hole, however he wants, whenever he wants to violate you to violate you, and craving it.
You describe it with such accuracy. It makes me moan.

mmmmm i like the thought of making you moan. to have that effect on someone physically always makes me feel good about writing.

Comment by Eve 07.04.07 @ 2:53 pm

mmm yummy! I totally understand this post! It was totally HOTT! I am so in need of attention from my D right now. Time has not truly permitted. *sigh*

thank you Shibari. i hate when time is not on our side. we always seem to have to wait far too much for the things we crave.

Comment by shibari 07.04.07 @ 3:39 pm

QUOTE: “he does this to me and makes me frantic for him.”

Many men have that way of making you feel “frantic for them” and I am certainly not complaining πŸ™‚


my sweet Teacher…MANY men do not make me feel frantic for them. it is less then a handful, really. a few key players in my world.

i may talk to MANY men but surely not all of them have that effect on me. *wink*

Comment by The Teacher 07.05.07 @ 6:43 am

This sent my mind into filthy oblivion. Thank you, my dear.

that is always nice to hear Tom. thank you.

Comment by Tom 07.05.07 @ 2:53 pm

I would absolutely love to hear you begging like that – thankfully, I have a delightfully vivid imagination *wink*

oh i bet you would DB.

*evil grin*

thank god for that vivid imagination of yours. you will never have to see me, hear me, taste me, feel me or smell me.

…too bad. *wink*

Comment by dirtyboy 07.05.07 @ 6:23 pm

We get off on words, We want each other this way too, We can’t be together,……This made me think of him….Kisses


Comment by La Petite Morte 07.05.07 @ 11:54 pm

Wanting what is just out of reach always increases desire…and increases the wetness on my pussy! wonderfully conveyed gracie.

thank you Mrs. Kitty.

Comment by kitty 07.06.07 @ 4:51 am

Wow, found you by accident but so glad that I did. No need to miss my man when I have perfectly good fingers right within reach. *Smokes cig*

welcome and glad i could be of assistance. *wink*

Comment by Jaim 07.06.07 @ 12:12 pm

I love the desperation in this. The need.
I know that feeling well.
This was just wonderful babe! One of your best- more to come I’m sure πŸ˜‰


thank you so much doll!

there is so much in my head right now, i just need a moment to get it all out.


Comment by Desire X 07.06.07 @ 10:28 pm

You are such a supremely nasty girl.

thank you lovely.


Comment by princess 07.07.07 @ 10:36 pm

I relate so much to this kind of addiction, this kind of sexual devotion. I know it is all consuming. But the intensity makes everything else so much more pleasurable. But you said it all so fucking beautifully.

awwww thank you Chris.


Comment by Chris 07.08.07 @ 1:37 pm

I imagine your begging, your moans, your cumming. Almost like I can hear and feel them my dear. πŸ™‚

yes, i know Daddy.

you heard them all too well.

you do crawl inside of my skin far too easily.

Comment by Daddy 07.10.07 @ 2:56 pm

Amazing conversation! I would love more filth in it.
Like you beg “fuck me harder” i rpely Take it in bitch.
YOU: Drill that you dog
i: Yeah bitch im gonna make you a slut and whore tonight get it in

Comment by Sami 10.02.10 @ 3:17 am

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