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the only problem
Thursday May 11th 2006, 10:03 am
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as a woman i think it is really pathetic that the only problem that i have in my current relationship is the lack of sex.

i am not a dog.

i am not vanilla.

i am not a housewife.

i am not boring.

i am not lazy.

i am utterly frustrated. when i discuss the matter, well…i am being selfish or our schedules are off. damn, i just don’t get it. i would think this would not be a problem from a man’s point of view. god forbid if i making fucking a chore. yes, that is right, i like to fuck. i don’t make love or listen to birds chirp off in a distance or have sappy love music droning in the background. i am a dark, twisted, deviant, evil 30 year old who has peaked sexually and needs her itch scratched. honestly, is that too much to ask?

so this behavior from him leaves me rejected, angry, pissed, unwanted, nagging and most of all…unsatisfied.

not that i would consider a divorce over the matter, but i would find it amusing to tell my lawyer…well he did not want to have sex with me.

my conclusion…if he is not going to step up and take care of my needs. well, i am going to go elsewhere. because, i will be damned if i sit around and get in a panic over the lack of sex in my life. i have discussed it, demanded it, and asked for it too many times with him. it is just not sinking in.

guys…if you care to shed some light on this matter that i am just not seeing, please by all means enlighten me. because i can not think straight since i have not been fucked since sunday night.

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Sorry you are in need Gracie. If I had you , you little Slut, you would be bent over getting fucked in your tight little ass to please me, your Master.

You may be smart, witty, sensitive etc but I would have you on your knees begging me for release. Begging me to let you cum , begging me to violate you more until you exploded.
Would I allow it? Would you cum on my cock? Maybe, maybe if I desired it. Maybe if you begged enough.

Comment by Overland 05.11.06 @ 2:54 pm

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