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Friday July 14th 2006, 12:07 pm
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E came home from practice to find me sprawled on the bed. i was on my stomach, legs spread in just black panties and pretending to care what was on tv. he went straight for my ass and i asked him to kiss my pussy. he refused complaining it was late, etc. etc. and i kept asking nicely. of course he caved in. i rolled over on to my back and spread my legs for him. he pushed my panties over and started to lick my clit. the thought of him bending to my will aroused me and i started to breathe heavily. i gasped a few times, but not to an orgasm. i did not expect one, only for him to do what i had asked. when he came up i smiled and wiggled a little, i was satisfied with my intent for him this evening. he saw this, asked if i enjoyed it, i smiled and said “mmhmm”.

i knew he was not going to press for sex. it was late and he had to get up in 5 hours. we went to bed and i let him grope my breasts. my hand went between my legs, under my thin panties and i felt the wetness from his licking. i started to jerk a little in his arms and E decided he wanted to suck on my flesh. i continued to rub myself but i really did not want to come. when E stopped soon afterwards i stopped.

on my way in to work this morning i was thinking about how i enjoy licking the tattoo he got many years ago that is my name in family’s language on his arm. i realized that E to some degree has been branded with my name for years now. yet, i still sit here unbranded and he is my supposed dom. hmmmm. i do have every intention of putting an “E” behind my ear. he is just not pushing for it. i am itching for another tattoo now. perhaps i will give him a surprise.

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Oh yummy story! Got me all nice and hard. I need to go and watch some porn now because I need some relief 😉

Comment by Suck Me 07.14.06 @ 12:28 pm

suck me – that’s a good thing. but, nothing beats the real thing, eh?

Comment by Gracie 07.14.06 @ 12:54 pm

i love a great tease …. a battle of will of desires !!!

can i join in ?

Comment by kindabiz 07.14.06 @ 10:34 pm

Amazing story… you acting like you’re caring what’s on tv,… you sprawled in only black panties…. How can any guy say no to “kissing” your pussy?!? 😉

And I think the tat would be an awesome surprise.

Just found your page,.. so far I’m really liking what I see. *evil grin*

Comment by LustDemon 07.14.06 @ 10:38 pm

kindabiz – not sure if you want to play in my playground. you may not like it. *wink*

lustdemon – thank you, i will have to poke around more blogs tonight. *smile*

Comment by Gracie 07.14.06 @ 10:48 pm

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