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the motion
Sunday April 08th 2007, 11:41 pm
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when i came home i trailed my clothes off of my body and ended on the bed in my panties. i laid there with my eyes lidded and dying for sleep. my body ached and hurt from my training. my head rested on my folded hands and i closed my eyes. i felt hands run up my sore legs and stop at the top of the fabric. the fingers curled against my flesh and under the material. he peeled my panties over my ass, pulled them down my legs and off.

i laid there naked, exposed and too exhausted to care. i heard lotion being pumped, hands rubbing together and then i felt the warm slickness hit in between my shoulders, down my back and back up again. i moaned with a mix of agony and relaxation. i could smell the powder of the lotion as it was pushed into my skin. his hands moved down lower each pass and started to push up the curve of my ass. my ass always pulls upward towards his hands like a natural magnet. back up and down and i push against his hands with my ass as his hands went over the curve to grip the bottom with this finger tips trailing in between my legs. i pulled in two ragged breaths of air as i felt him touching me. every time his hands traveled back down to my ass i felt i was getting wetter and felt the cool air catching my warming slit.

my heart started to beat heavy and fast in my chest. my mind was a  whirling at the thought of him pushing inside of me. i felt energy surging from between my legs every time i pushed my ass up towards his touch. i felt aware of every inch of movement and ached for his fingers to trail a little more a little more towards the center of my heat.

his hands parted from my wet skin. i closed my eyes and inched my ass up and down with a longing need to be molested, invaded…anything. i felt the sting of the cane across my ass instead. instinctively my ass jutted in the air after the hot burn struck my white flesh. again it bit in the same spot. i hate that he enjoys darkening and welting the same spot over and over. i hissed at the pain and felt wetter. the hits moved up my back and i know he was loving the view of these meticulously placed lines on my body. it was art to him and he liked everything linear, even me.

my legs had parted ever so slightly during his beating me with the cane. his hand traveled up my inner thigh and lingered at the folds of my sex. my breathing was a flutter of air going in and out. i wanted him inside of me. i wanted to feel that physical connection of with him like the last piece of a puzzle. i longed for him to make me whole again. i felt his fingers push into me and i made an audible sound of sucking in a lung full of air. i pushed against his fingers grinding them deeper inside of me. his fingers curled to find my spot…that spot. i whimpered and groaned as i came around his fingers with thick wetness.

it will still be days before he finally fucks me.

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days of anguish and longing until you simply can’t stand it anymore and feel like you will explode with want, just spraying want all over the walls and the dresser and the carpet… oh yeah, i know that feeling. 😉

oh Arty, i do love that piece….”spraying want all over the walls and the dresser and the carpet.”

oh yeah, indeed!

Comment by ArtfulDodger 04.09.07 @ 8:38 am

I love this line: “I hissed at the pain and felt wetter.” So fucking brilliant in every single way… At the rate that your undesired abstinence produces erotic, diving writing like this, I’d almost selfishly prefer that you never get invaded by cock. But I’m not quite so selfish…

oooo how awful for you to selfishly wish that on me tom. that’s okay, several of you enjoy my suffering.


Comment by Tom 04.09.07 @ 2:43 pm

You know the restraint and longing are wildly sexy to me. Sigh.. but it must come to an end.

As it stands, I am enjoying it, I must say.

you people…you enjoy hearing me whine about the need to fuck?


especially coming from you my fluffy angel. that is not very heavenly of you. *wink*

Comment by Liras 04.09.07 @ 9:40 pm

Hey, you! The waiting sure is wonderful…aye?

(got those photos..@least some of the first: up!)

Thanks, for dropping in for a look-see.

xx,Res. I’ll definitely be reading here. Good to see you!

hello Res, i will check them out first thing in the AM. i cannot wait.

thank you for stopping by as well.


Comment by Res 04.10.07 @ 12:03 am

“i wanted to feel that physical connection of with him like the last piece of a puzzle.” A-fucking-men! I love that line. It’s just so…right. And can I just say he is a wicked fucking tease? I’m getting sexually frustrated in sympathy here (in addition to my own of course ;)).

awww thank you chris. i think you will like the title of the next post then. i was thinking that would be perfect.

Comment by Chris 04.10.07 @ 6:41 pm

aching… But I suppose this wicked man makes you wait because it’s so worth it when you have it.

i don’t think he has a master plan. i am not even certain he knows the depths of my frustrations.

Comment by Bad Bad Girl 04.12.07 @ 9:41 am

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