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the man on the other end
Wednesday September 20th 2006, 10:38 am
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it all started with a phone call that woke me from a sleep. i had anticipated this call all day friday. timing and opportunity delayed it to saturday. i was immediately aroused as i heard his voice filling my ear. my hand darted into my panties and my hips started to grind against my finger tips. i did not say much as my breath was growing heavy. his voice was delicious filling my ear. i closed my eyes and listened to him.

i was nervous but after several minutes it all went away as the wetter i got. he whispered naughty filth in my ear. i did what he asked. i responded with moans, gasps and panting. i cannot count the number of times i came, all i know is it was frequent as his voice just pulled those orgasms effortlessly from my body. it went from rubbing, to shoving fingers in my soaked cunt, licking my fingers to plugging my ass and fucking my cunt with my dildo.

he let me rest after the first call. he had mentioned he wanted to call me while my cleaning lady was present. i laid on the wet bed catching my breath and freshly high from what had happened.

a few hours passed and my phone rings. i see it is him. i immediately lay back on the bed with a dry towel beneath me. my hand darts right for my already moist cunt. i answer the phone and as soon as i hear the first word out of his mouth i am already breathing heavily. i cannot get enough of his voice in my ear. there is more pain and torment during this call. tugging and twisting my nipples till they ached and i whined in pain. fucking my ass with a dildo and stuffing my cunt with two. i remember gushing several times as he came twice during our call. i remember when he was trying to say goodbye to me i kept coming over and over. he stayed on the line each time letting me come for him. all the while i am trying to keep quiet as my cleaning lady is busy with the house.

when we finally said our goodbyes my phone clocked a two hour session. i was shocked. i was even more shocked at the huge wet spot on my bed. i ripped everything off the bed and shoved it into the washer before E got home. in total i soaked two pairs of panties and my yoga pants for this man. i felt amazing.

later on i found out E was going out for the night and my addicted need ducked out of his outing in hopes that i could have another phone session. the anticipation had me wet and when he called me for a third time my hand was already between my legs. i felt this session i was much louder and the orgasms more intense as i felt so sore from a previous nipple punishment, my cunt aching from being pounded and stuffed, and my ass tender from a self fucking. i did not care about the soreness i had. i wanted him in my ear and i wanted to come for him. i love hearing him cum on the phone. my phone clocked an hour during that session. i felt so exhausted and my body ached.

his voice makes me so fucking wet and aroused. i cannot get enough of him. now, i am trying to find times to hear him again…the man’s voice who makes me come so hard.

he is a gem and my “daddy” gem. like i have stated each gem serves a purpose and role. he plays his role ever so well. i could not pass up leaving this kind of experience he had given me off the blog. i even asked him to help me out with his recount below:

–daddy’s take–

mmm you were somewhat shy.. quiet.. we kissed and cuddled. touched. had you touch for me. feel me as I talked to you.. softly. slowly..playing.. touching your breasts, your nipples, your pussy. then I believe I told you it was time. time for you to plug your ass for me. fuck your ass some for me. and rub that clit till you came.. over and over.. then had you fuck that cunt . pinch your nipples… lots of cumming.. pushing you.. you begin to beg for more.. for daddy. daddy’s cock.. mmm god i love hearing you.

2nd call i asked if you had been cumming and playing yourself and you said yes.. and i wanting you to cum again i believe. and you rub your cunt.. then i said you were a naughty girl and need to be punished. god I love punishing you. more playing , teasing, and then punishing you. your ass, your cunt, your tits… making you scream. making you feel the pain rock your body. making your body sting and ache.. ordering you. screaming you to obey. to do as you were told. to do as daddy wants. you begging daddy for more. moaning and cumming over and over ..

that’s definitely not verbatim but what I can recall.. you made me high all day.. loved it.

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There are few times I find at a loss for words, I think this is one.


Comment by woodinhand 09.20.06 @ 6:21 pm

OK, what’s Daddy’s phone number . . .

Gracie, you must be the hottest woman I’ve ever come across! To have such hot, satisfying phone sex with three dildos! Mmmmmm . . . so fucking incredible! It’s a good thing you soak your sheets or they would catch fire . . .

Comment by Cherrie 09.20.06 @ 8:57 pm

I agree with Cherrie.. what’s daddy’s number? dam girl… your are what my dreams are made of!

Comment by Pandora 09.20.06 @ 11:36 pm

could i have those sheets ?


Comment by kindabiz 09.21.06 @ 12:36 am

Mmmmm, yes, dont you just love a man who can make you cum just by the sound of his voice in your ear? What I love the most is hearing him cum. I can cum again just listening to him moaning and calling my name as he cums. So yummy. Damn, but I miss that!!

Comment by Andie 09.21.06 @ 5:17 am


Comment by Bunny Lebowski 09.21.06 @ 9:49 am

I love mutual masturbation whether it’s on the same bed/floor/table/seat/bench/ground or over the phone/webcam!

This was hot!

I love the new banner babe! You’re super sexy!

Comment by Pyrhonik 09.21.06 @ 2:16 pm

W – mmmmm good.

cherrie & pan – ha ha daddy’s number is all mine. sorry girls.

kindabiz – they are already washed love.

andie – mmmmm yesss, it is addicting.

bunny – mmhmm

py – indeed and thank you! *smile*

Comment by Gracie 09.22.06 @ 9:36 am

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